Penta Sets!

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  • Carl Valle
    Carl Valle on #17633

    Supersetting has a place, but when I hear discussion about B12 I want to hear about vitamins, not twelve paired exercises for “strength and power”. Now magic things are happening in weight room when one does a bunch of exercises back to back over and over? Like the problems with some circuits, rest has a purpose. Obviously intense training for prolonged periods will create some tolerance, but wh

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    Alex Andre on #108925

    Agreed. Sometimes I wonder about how far we regress the relevance of assistance exercises. Understandably, squats (and other main lifts) are done to increase strength and power, which is then applied on the track. However, when we incorporate secondary lifts which are primarily meant to increase our squat (or other main lifts), I think we begin to lose sight of the goal. This next level of assistance lifts may increase our main lifts, but how much of that benefit do we see on the track? Perhaps being able to squat more will then transfer to greater strength and power on the track, but perhaps the energy is better spent elsewhere.

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