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        Chad Williams on #14525

        Growing up across the Delaware River in a place I like to call South Jersey (much different from North or even Central Jersey), I was accustomed to the last weekend of April being Penn Relays. My dad coached HS track since the dawn of time and we would always go every year to see his athletes run. In a quick sidebar, he had a javelin thrower win in the 90’s and they both had the honor of meeting

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      • Mike Young
        Mike Young on #69535

        I love Penn Relays. One of my favorite meets. The energy on Saturday is unlike any other meet I’ve been to other than the OTs. I had an athlete who had never been ask me “why do they call it a carnival?” I told them to wait and see.

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        amihalich10 on #90790

        I cannot agree with you both more. The Penn Relays is arguably the most amazing athletic experience I have ever had. However, one thing I will dispute. I am born and bred Philadelphian, and although I pick Pat’s over almost anything(I have actually never been to Gino’s) the taste of the Penn Relays lies on 34th and Chestnut at ABNER’S. I bet all Penn Relay champions had fueled themselves on an Abner’s cheesesteak!!!

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