Non weight bearing fitness ideas.

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    fixer2u on #18171

    Hey all,

    I suffered a complete achilles rupture January 16 (one day after my 29th b-day… Am I too old for this?) Had surgery Jan 26, and am non weight bearing until Feb. 23.

    What can I do until then to keep some level of fitness up? Doctor wont’t let me swim for another month, (March 13) So that is out. Stationary biking is also not an option.

    I can do lots of upper body high rep low weight stuff, and core ab workouts….

    What else have others in this situation done?

    Thanks in advance!

    Zack Trapp on #114646

    For lower body lifting you could do something that doesn’t contact the ground. Hamstribng Curls, Quad Extensions, not that great of options, but it’s the best you can do. Maybe MB throws? Sprint Arm Action can help

    Josh Hurlebaus on #114670

    I don’t know if he posts on here anymore, but Jade Ellis is a guy to contact about this.

    Here’s his recovery blog

    Good luck buddy!

    fixer2u on #114675

    Oh cool thanks Josh!

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