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  • Nick Newman
    Nick Newman on #120631


    6x150m @20.1, 20.5, 20.4, 20.8, 21.1, 18.5 w/3 min rest

    Core circuits etc – 30 mins

    Really good day. So much better than last week. Felt dead after.

    Nick Newman
    Nick Newman on #120634


    6x30m sprints @100%

    Decent day. Feeling really sore. Back is hurting also. OK day. Ran 3.68 from 0.5m fly. PR is 3.57 so pretty pleased.

    Ryan Banta on #120636

    Nick can you shoot me a private message. I have a couple questions about your book. Thanks in advance.

    "Nature hides her secret because of her essential loftiness, but not by means of ruse." -Albert Einstein

    Ryan Banta on #120637

    Nick I got your private message but you have to clean out a couple of private messages so I can send you one back. Thanks man!! 🙂

    "Nature hides her secret because of her essential loftiness, but not by means of ruse." -Albert Einstein

    Nick Newman
    Nick Newman on #120638

    Sorry. Done.

    Nick Newman
    Nick Newman on #120642

    No lifting for me yesterday.

    Ankle hurting so treating it a little.

    Unload/ test week starts Sunday.

    Nick Newman
    Nick Newman on #120644

    Unload / TESt week


    5x30m sprints

    DEEP Squat MAX TEST – 370lbs PR

    OH Shot – 1×6

    Today wasn’t supposed to happen today really. Weather made me change plans. Body felt very good so I did squat test. Really pleased! My max 360 just a couple of weeks ago was incredibly easy today. I think I could have got 380 but am in no rush for that. Speed was good also. Testing again Tuesday.

    Zack Trapp on #188162

    So……any updates?

    Nick Newman
    Nick Newman on #188956

    I’m back! Had a lot of problems logging in and the site was off for a while…crazy busy as well sorry…



    I am currently in the 2nd 3 week Special Prep Phase. Training has gone really well however has been very modified up until a few weeks ago. About 6 weeks ago I sprained my surgery ankle and was out a week and couldn’t jump for 6 weeks. It feels great now and I am fully back at it.

    My weight room numbers have all Pr’d with some good ones. I hang power cleaned 322 and also power cleaned the same. DEEP squat 380. My 30m sprint from 2pt is down to 3.64 (pr is 3.57) so am pleased there and I’ve also got over 10 m’s again on the fly 10m.

    My training phase is currently as follows…

    sunday – 30’s, heavy power clean, jump squats

    Mon – Vertical plyos and strength (deep squat, lunges, SL RDL)

    Tues – Tempo, GS

    Wed – REST

    Thurs – Full approaches / Flys / Technical jumps

    Fri – Horizontal plyos / Hang cleans / jump step ups / RDL’s

    Sat – REST


    Matt Norquist on #190110

    I kind of like that set up – how quick are the tuesday tempo days and over what distances? I’m doing something very similar this week – due to travel – but I like the overall set up. You’ve got to feel really good going into the thursday session, too…

    Nick Newman
    Nick Newman on #190183

    Yeah so I now change the set up slightly every cycle to keep things fresh. This is my preferred set up going into competition phase. I do feel great for approaches yeah…

    Tempo is always on turf or grass for me now because of my ankles. Usually 10-15 100m sprints at about 85-90%. these sessions have gone well overall…


    Vertical plyo series – 6 exercises x10 reps each x2

    Power skips w/ DB’s – 4x30m

    Box series – (squat depth jump, stiff depth jump, freeze depth jump) – x5 each

    DEEP squats – 3×5 @85%


    Quarter squats – 3×5 @70% FAST

    Step ups – 3×5 heavy



    Nick Newman
    Nick Newman on #200549

    Hey all,

    Training is going well!

    I recently hang snatched 220 which is a big PR, cleaned 320, and jumped over 7 meters again from 11 strides. It’s been long 1.5 year come back from surgery but i think i am nearly ready for competition. Perhaps a short approach meet Feb 1st 🙂

    It feels great to jump again with no pain. Everything is coming back to me nicely…

    Zack Trapp on #200737

    1.) Where are your speed levels right now?
    2.) What meets are you looking at doing indoors? Are you doing a double peak?
    3.) In the past you have done reverse step loading. For this, does just the speed/power drop off each week or general training as well? Does the intensity go down for speed/power as well?

    Nick Newman
    Nick Newman on #200743

    I am currently at 10.1 m/s. Not all that good but enough for some kind of jump I think. Considering power levers are high etc.

    I am not double peaking no. More like the Australian system really. 2 meets in Feb, 1 in March, then outdoors in end April/ May – August.

    I’ll compete at JDL fasttrack and UNC indoors…

    Still reverse step loading the specific phases yeah. Volume drops each week but not a lot, I need high volume really to be at my best, especially weights, intensity rises, general work is low during comp phases anyway.

    Training has gone well but not ideal at all. I have hardly done top speed work at all because of the weather, I haven’t done any bounding work because of ankle and i’ve only long jumped 4 times. But, over 7m from 11 is promising so we will see what I can do Feb 1st.


    Nick Newman
    Nick Newman on #200894

    Here we go, first competition week of the season…


    3 x 9 stride long jumps

    3x full approach runs

    3x 30m sprints


    Really good day. Body is feeling very good already even after a very hard last 2 weeks. Back to 7 meters off 9 strides now. That equals my PR from a year and a half ago. 30m’s were fastest so far this year also.

    This week:

    Sun – Jumps/ approaches / speed

    Mon – Fast weights

    Tues – rest

    Wed – Plyos, short jumps

    Thur – Speed / fast weights

    Fri – warm up

    Sat – Competition

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