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  • Carl Valle
    Carl Valle on #17966

    “Kubiak said the team was bringing in a specialist from Indianapolis to evaluate Schaub, and the quarterback would fly to Charlotte, N.C., later this week to undergo further examination.”- ESPNOne pundit stated “why talk about feet” in a discussion on training methods. Currently barefoot training and more focus on forces coming from the ground are gaining popularity for good reason. The first

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    utfootball4 on #112311

    Matt Schaub insists his foot injury is not career-threatening.
    We’ve yet to hear anything of that nature, but the speculation apparently made its way to Schaub. “It’s not career-ending, no way. I’d like to talk to whoever is out there reporting rumors or spreading rumors because those people pretty much have no idea what they are talking about,” Schaub said. “There’s a ton of of football ahead for me and the Houston Texans.” Schaub revealed that his foot is “the size of a cinder block” this week

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