New Swim Suits

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      • Vern Gambetta
        Vern Gambetta on #14893

        I have followed this whole swimsuit issue quite closely. Anyone involved in the sport quickly recognized that the suit made a significant difference in a swimmers performance. It was obviously that someone had not done their homework before adopting it as legal or as many suspect there was some hanky panky in the higher levels of sport to get it adopted. Most of the swim coaches I work with descri

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      • Mike Young
        Mike Young on #73080

        It’s actually kind of ridiculous and it risks making swimming somewhat of a farce if limits on the technological advancement aren’t imposed. I’m as much of a geek as anyone and love sports technology but the number of records this year really got out of control. When you see athletes at the Olympic games break pre-existing world records and not even medal you know something is wrong.

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