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        Ryan Banta on #18991

        When I first agreed to write for this site I distinctively remember a conversation I had with my wife. In this discussion I remember telling her since I agreed to write for this site I was going to need thick skin. I realized I needed thick skin because I was putting myself out there in front of the world and would be open for criticism. Many of you might not know that I have dysgraphia which make

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        "Nature hides her secret because of her essential loftiness, but not by means of ruse." -Albert Einstein

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        Participant on #120274

        Very well said Ryan. I always appreciate your coaching insights and have enjoyed how are relationship has changed over the from being your coach, to friends, and now often I come to you for advice as a mentor for my own coaching to continue growing. Some of the most thought provoking conversations I have are with you when we get into one of our conversations about the sport. My thoughts and prayers will be with you and your wife over the upcoming days. I’ll see you at the course!

      • Nick Newman
        Nick Newman on #120275

        Great stuff Ryan and well said. I wish you the best and congrats on your current coaching and life achievements!

        Those “sad souls” you mentioned know who they are and they aren’t even worth the mention in this post. Keep being open minded and sharing your thoughts 🙂

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        rcfan2 on #120277


        Unfortunately, there will always be the resident antagonists on this forum. Your posts offer great insight and your “in the trenches” perspective (and you haven’t coached, until you coach high school girls) is always thought provoking. I appreciate your measured and tempered responses – even to disrespectful and condescending posts.

        I appreciate your efforts.

        My thoughts and prayers as well for you and your family.

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