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  • Vern Gambetta
    Vern Gambetta on #15005

    Dennis wrote the following: Can you please share your thoughts on why you don’t like the straight leg marches and the 1-leg rdl’s?I believe the straight leg marches cause hamstring problems. They are too ballistic in warm-up. As far as one leg RDL or the RDL for that matter, if you are doing them to strengthen hamstrings, there are better more functional alternatives – the multidirectional lunge

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    Mike Young
    Mike Young on #74025

    Another one where I kinda disagree. I love RDLs and one-leg RDLs. I can’t say I’ve ever really put them in warmup much (although we do things like dynamic toe-touchers) but I think they are one of the better posterior chain exercises for athletes who are required to sprint fast.

    ELITETRACK Founder

    mortac8 on #74062

    I think the difference is that you are aiming to produce performance and Vern is aiming to not to crip 14 year olds. Kinda like guys at my gym who train local athletes but I almost never see them do exercises with any appreciable amount of weight. Looks like a PerformBetter catalog shoot.

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