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  • Carl Valle
    Carl Valle on #15754

    This quote came to me vial email:Dr. McGill believes that the only time the hamstrings should be stretched is with an asymmetry. This is something I’ve been practicing for close to a year now with outstanding results; the tighter my hamstrings have gotten, the stronger and faster I’ve become.Over the last few years the book Anatomy Trains has received much attention. Now it seems every powerpoin

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    JeremyRichmond on #83550

    We conducted our own trials where we mixed up the outcome from the remedy. Sometimes we reversed the outcome (press this point and the hamstrings will be more flexible or more tight) and guess what? If we created a good enough impression on the patient they always responded with the outcome we suggested no matter if it contradicted the proper teachings. Forgive me for asking as you may have disclosed your thoughts in a previous thread but: what is your stance on anatomy trains theory? Are you a firm believer or a firm critic?

    From what I have been lead to believe you think that some people have got carried away in the theory. Am I correct?

    davan on #83551

    You mean it isn’t supposed to look like this:


    Mike Young
    Mike Young on #83567

    I’ve read the book and think that it’s quite good but it’s funny how people who only have a superficial understanding of anatomy often use the catch phrases of that book and throw around the names of relatively insignificant muscles / relationships used in that book in an attempt to buy credibility.

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