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  • Carl Valle
    Carl Valle on #14894

    I would like to thank the emails I get from members wanting to get the myths of sports performance dispelled. Lately, the garbage coming from coaches sharing what they are doing with athletes or rewriting history is bad for sports and this industry so here goes.I hear that bobsleigh athletes are freaks. They out sprint the sprinters, out lift the lifters, and are leaner and bigger than linebackers

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    Mike Young
    Mike Young on #72902

    I’ve worked with a couple former push athletes and spent some time at the training centers myself so I’m quite familiar with the test procedures, the test numbers and the athletes. Most of the best push athletes are former decathletes or decathlon-type athletes who weren’t fast enough to make it to the highest levels in track or football. Pushers are no doubt great athletes and I loved working with them because it’s such a ‘raw animal sport’…just pure speed-power development- little technique, strategy, speed endurance, etc. BUT they are certainly not faster over 30m than elite sprinters. What they are is a raw blend of strength, speed and power not seen in many other sports. This really comes down to unusual testing procedures (for the 30m), ignorance of this fact by many outside the community, and bushwackery by those who use it for their personal profit.

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