Miler and triple jumper

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    Daniel Andrews on #52562

    My thoughts were more along the lines of javelin throwing and not shot/disc/hammer rotational throws.

    tkelly5 on #52563

    I figure she has power and endurance as she can both jump explosively and run a good mile.  Since lower body explosiveness is so important in so many aspects of the hep, I figure that training in throws focusing on technique and form (as well as getting stronger in those things just from the repetitive training motions) would be enough to keep her competitive.  I look at the multis as an event of averages, in that being excellent in one event won't make up for being terrible in the rest.  As such, I'd work for the goal of technical competence in things like javelin and shot, so as to ensure that her jumping and endurance racing capabilities (to say nothing of the endurance it takes to compete in all those events) will be enough edge out the competition.

    In other words, play to her strengths, and focus on technical training in her weaknesses.

    citius99 on #74664

    Sorry to dig up this old thread, but I had a couple questions. Mike, you proposed this training schedule for the aforementioned miler-triple jumper;

    “Day 1-Acc. Dev, OLs, I’d avoid heavy static lifts for fear of adding much body weight
    Day 2-Short run jumps, high volume tempo and general strength
    Day 3-MaxV / full approach work, OLs for speed
    Day 4-Intensive tempo, bodybuilding circuits
    Day 5-EZ Continuous tempo run (>6 miles)
    Day 6-Short run jumps, high volume tempo and general strength
    Day 7-Optional fartlek run (~3 miles)”

    What I’m particularly interested in are the lack of the heavy static lifts. I thought that you would avoid gaining weight if you stuck to 6 reps or less per set. I’m also a middle distance runner, do you think it would be beneficial to drop the heavy static lifts like squats and bench in favor of doing more sets of OL’s?

    Mike Young
    Mike Young on #75052

    I might add some in. If you kept the reps low it could work out ok. You’d just want to keep volumes pretty low. I think I was also thinking that the combined stress of the TJ, OLing, and sprint work might be more than sufficient to enhance strength for a miler. The other thing to consider is that there’s already quite a mixed bag of training stimuli there with a fairly high total volume so adding too much in might not be advisable. Like I said though, it could definitely work out just fine.

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    Jay Turner on #90733

    She's from a competitive state and is very competitive in both events. I actually have an athlete competing in my conference like this. If it were personally up to me I would have her choose an event but given that the head coach wants to have her double up I'd certainly have to think long and hard about how to train her best….

    I have an athlete just like this. She’s a high school junior, and high jumper by trade, but usually runs with the middle distance group for training (she’s a 800m girl). The head coach (which is a distance guy) wants her to do both, but I think her talents may be better served getting more HJ training in. She does distance training 4 days/week, and HJ training once, MAYBE twice/week. She’s a 5’2″ jumper, and only 2:40.xx 800m runner. She runs because that’s what the head coach has told her to do, and she doesn’t necessarily mind it. But she REALLY wants to get better in the jumps. She has good fitness (she’s also a soccer player), and average to marginal explosiveness. Not alot of pure speed though (lack of explosiveness?).

    What would you guys do in this scenario?

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