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  • Jake
    Jake on #209732

    Im in my second year of training now for 200m my pbs are 10.83 and 21.36.

    This is my current set up

    Sunday – max v + Weights

    Monday – circuits

    Tuesday – int tempo + Weights

    Wednesday – rest

    Thursday – accel + Weights

    Friday -circuits

    Saturday – rest

    Is this set up on the right track.  Also I would appreciate any help on how the intensive tempo should be periodised ie length of weeks to special endurance,  volume etc.


    Thanks for any ideas critical or not 🙂

    Zack Trapp on #209817

    I don’t know what your training history looks like, but here are a few general suggestions.

    -I would move up to three days of speed/lifting a week, given that you are a 100/200 runner and the time of the year.
    -Move intensive tempo to Fridays so you have a day of rest between that and speed work.
    -Gradually extend reps distances on the speed work until you get out to speed endurance type work
    -Switch out the circuits at least once a week for extensive tempo
    -What is the function for your intensive tempo in your program? To build towards speed endurance? Lactic work? What are the volumes for that(and for the training overall for that matter) How it is used all depends on context.
    -Volume wise, I would have to see what your past training has looked like to give recommendations
    -Do you have a coach? How are you technically?

    Hope this helps.

    Jake on #209818

    Thanks 🙂

    Do weights 3 times a week and have a s+c coach for these with who I have full confidence in. Ive thought about training speed 3 times a week but would this make it 4 hard days a week?? The intensive tempo workout will change to speed/special endurance but at what time would be necessary. I want to peak for end of june. I do have a coach but hes all about tempo and very little speed work so I mostly train by myself now apart from weight room.


    TrAining history is small. I began just after the olympics 2012 and have only had one season. Last year I was doing lots of speed endurance and tempo type work. Ive not done any real sports before apart from martial arts


    intensive tempo this year is probably around 800 – 1200m


    accel and speed around 300m


    Thanks for the feedback 🙂

    Zack Trapp on #210015

    I would slowly progress the speed volume up. I think keeping the intensive tempo with three days of speed work is fine at the moment. Intensive tempo isn’t as CNS intensive as actual sprinting. I’m not sure what your overall training setups has looked like this year, but based on the fact that you’ll probably start outdoor season pretty soon I’d start speed endurance pretty soon. At that point I’d recommend switching it out for a speed day. You should be working on special endurance by late April at absolute latest if your primary competitions are in June, probably earlier. Remember, meets are special endurance workouts, and very taxing ones at that.

    Are you getting consistent technical feedback from anywhere? If you’ve only been training for a year and a half I’d think that would still be really important for you.

    Jake on #210392

    Thanks. I’ll take it all into consideration

    utfootball4 on #223849

    Keeping with your original schedule.

    Sunday – Speed (10-60) + Weights

    Monday – Ext tempo 2000m

    Tuesday – Special endurance (200-300) + Weights

    Wednesday – rest

    Thursday – Speed (30-120) + Weights

    Friday – Ext tempo 2000m

    Saturday – rest

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