Meaningful Training

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  • Vern Gambetta
    Vern Gambetta on #226568

    There is training that is just work and leads nowhere – this is training as performance. This is the Crossfit WOD mentality that each workout is an en
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    Matt Norquist on #226570

    Come on Vern. I agree with you to an extent. Or more accurately, I agree with you philosophically. Of course train with an intent. Yes, even the recreational athlete or person who just wants to get in shape or look better. There’s nobody who’s a bigger advocate of progressive overload and periodization than I am. I’m in better shape, stronger, and even faster at 35 than I was as an All-American collegiate athlete due to my devotion to planful training.

    But. BIG BUT… There is huge value in occasional (read weekly or even 2x per week) what I call “roll around workouts” – these may be tough or fatigue inducing, are not CNS intensive – and aren’t planned. Have some fun, move, don’t be a slave to your progression, etc.

    And another BIG BUT.. CrossFit WODs – at least the smartly built ones are anything but random work that leads nowhere. Every serious crossfit gym I know is religious about smart programming. Follows good progressions. Basic strength stuff, either Rippetoe, 5×5, 531. Some sort of short to long or long to short tempo work (whether running or rowing or aerodyne), and a bunch of recovery circuit type work on easy days.

    Most of us are not going to be world class athletes. Smart and intentional is one thing. Key. So is smart progression and periodization.

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