Mastering the Crock Pot: Slow Cooking for Fast Times

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  • Carl Valle
    Carl Valle on #17920

    In the message boards the question about integrating the olympic lifts and exercise selection was brought up, in addition to the classic Rich Tolman question, “what about sequence?”. Most programs that do either double periodization or triple periodization, usually repeat an SPP more than twice but only have one extended GPP. I share this as the constraints of the season will dictate the decisio

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    the_chosen_one on #111902


    I look at sequence being more of a matter of examining te whole vs the sum of its parts. The precepts inwhich that specifics coach’s approach & strategy to how they will periodize the season should influence the lifts withing GPP, SPP and Comp Phse. You always have to be aware of what your trying to acommplish & what is the best means (available & case specific).

    Love the slow cook analogy! We have to ensure drastic changes are intentional, planned and outcome is acceptible.

    Aaron Schwenzfeier on #111908

    Great post Carl!

    Rich Tolman(mr-glove) on #111914

    Great post!

    Randy Gillon on #111923

    Well constructed post. If I had you use one word to describe my fall training it would have to be patience. Historically I’ve liked to start doing quality work relatively early in the fall and although I’ve had some individuals experience some success I’ve never had the prolonged success (a couple of good races then fizzle out) or the wide spread success (entire training group).

    As result I looked over what I’ve done in the pass and challenged myself to look at things differently and make changes (smart changes not just for the sake of making changes).

    For example; in regards to olympic progressions I did the following”

    Freshman (some sophomores):
    DB Muscle Complex (wk1-4)–> BB Muscle Complex I (wk5&6)–> BB Muscle Complex II(wk7&8)-> Full Olympics w/low to moderate loads (wk9–>)

    Upperclassmen (some sophomores):
    DB Muscle Complex (wk1&2)–> BB Muscle Complex I (wk3&4)–> BB Muscle Complex II(wk5&6)-> Full Olympics w/low to moderate loads (wk7-8)–>Full Olympics w/mod to “heavy” loads

    What I enjoyed most about the DB & BB not only did teach and/or re-teach the athlete how to use the hips/leg extensors along with the various elements of the OLs but the uptempo continuous nature of these complexes built muscle in those that needed and metabolized fat in those that needed it.

    In regards to speed development; I’ve generally introduced ins & outs at the beginning of SPP only to find that it became “white noise” later on. What I’m doing instead is spending a number of weeks doing sub max runs 50m in length to merely developed technique. Ins & outs will be introduced once the athlete is able to perform the technical skills I feel are necessary to be successful.

    This is probably basic for a number of you smarter coaches, but for me, I can sometimes get stuck doing “what I’ve been doing”.

    ANYWAYS….Great, very thought provoking, post.


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