Marion Jones is a Pathological Liar

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  • Mike Young
    Mike Young on #14988

    Marion Jones was on Oprah Winfrey show yesterday lying through her teeth about her performance enhancing drug use. It’s really quite ridiculous now. Before the interview I had a tiny bit of sympathy for her but not any more. The way she continues on with her charade even after she’s been outed in a court of law and public opinion makes me think she must be a pathological liar. Did she really thi

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    ELITETRACK Founder

    Chad Williams on #73827

    I was thinking about blogging on this one as well. She has buried herself so far in her sea of bull that she might even believe her own stories by now. She should have just wrote a book admitting everything. She wouldn’t have went to prison and made some dough.

    BLogaN on #73830

    Interesting how she “couldn’t recall” at the moment what the “supplement” was that Graham said he was giving her. Sounds like she’s confusing herself in that interview.

    good to know Oprah’s grinding her flaxseeds too….

    Nick Newman
    Nick Newman on #73831

    wow…just watched it…

    amazing that is to me..I don’t really know what to say to that…she did herself no favours with that interview.

    she never knew anyone that used them? Not even both her husbands?

    Nick Newman
    Nick Newman on #73833

    and she totally wrote that letter for the show to get sympathy…that was not for her kids at all!

    mortac8 on #73836

    yes she is quite a poor liar. her lying is about on par with her LJ technique.

    Nick Newman
    Nick Newman on #73837

    Well, they didnt create a drug to fix technique! there was the problem.

    mortac8 on #73838

    oprah should have given her some sodium pentothol in a flax seed oil cap before the show

    utfootball4 on #73839

    Who cares.. She wasnt the only taking drugs and wont be the last. I love you Marion.

    Mike Young
    Mike Young on #73843

    Who cares.. She wasnt the only taking drugs and wont be the last. I love you Marion.

    I don’t think that’s the reason most are upset now. It’s because she’s continued to lie over and over and over. Even Ben fessed up quickly. With Marion now. She actually put herself out there as THE drug-opponent in the sport even before her use of PEDs ever came in to question. Why couldn’t she just keep her mouth shut?

    Trevor Graham’s crew more so than any other were the most vocal opponents of drugs and they were all doped. And what’s worse, even when all facts point otherwise, they continue to lie. And not even good lies. Charlie’s whole group fessed up. Even Remi’s group fessed up.

    ELITETRACK Founder

    Mike Young
    Mike Young on #73844

    Conte: I Showed Marion Jones How To Inject HGH

    UNDATED — Hours after Marion Jones’ first televised interview since being released from jail, former BALCO head Victor Conte disclosed how he taught the disgraced Olympic champion how to inject human growth hormone in a Southern California hotel room.

    In an email to KTVU, sparked by comments Jones made on the nationally syndicated show Oprah Winfrey Show, Conte criticized her for continuing “to lie.”

    Conte was pivotal in Jones fall from grace. As the founder of BALCO, he provided performance enhancing drugs to several athletes and a probe into his operation triggered one of the largest federal investigations into illegal drug use by athletes in U.S. history.

    Conte was convicted and served time in a federal penitentiary.

    “I cannot believe Marion Jones continues to lie,” Conte said in his email. “Enough is enough. She knowingly used performance enhancing drugs and has already been to prison for lying about it in the first place.”

    Conte then described a meeting with Jones during the Mt. San Antonio College Relays in Walnut, Calif., in April 2001.

    “I sat down with Marion Jones in my hotel room at the Embassy Suites in West Covina,” he said. “I showed her something I had brought with me called a Novopen. It was a cartridge injector pen that contained 45 units of Norditropin growth hormone.”

    “The injector contained enough liquid for ten injections. I instructed her how to inject herself with 4.5 units of growth hormone and told her to follow the same protocol three times per week.”

    “I taught her to change the needle, dial up the dosage, disperse any air in the chamber, and inject the drug,” the email continued. “When she left my room, she took the Novopen with her so she could administer her own injections thereafter.”

    Jones told Oprah Winfrey she often thinks she would have won gold medals at the 2000 Sydney Olympics, even if she hadn’t taken a designer steroid known as “the clear.”

    “I’ll ask myself, `Well, if you hadn’t been given “the clear,” do you think you would’ve won?”‘ Jones said on an episode of “The Oprah Winfrey Show” broadcast Wednesday, her first post-prison interview.

    “I usually answer, ‘Yes.”‘

    Jones, 33, apologized to her teammates and tearfully read a letter she wrote in prison, in which she told her children she lied to federal prosecutors because she didn’t love herself enough to tell the truth.

    Jones described how prosecutors showed her a vial of a designer steroid and asked if she’d taken it. She said she immediately recognized it as a substance her former coach, Trevor Graham, had given her, but then she lied.

    “I made the decision I was going to lie and try to cover it up,” Jones said on Winfrey’s show, which was taped. “I knew that all of my performances would be questioned.”

    She maintained she thought the substance was flaxseed oil when her coach gave it to her, but she later learned from prosecutors that it was the designer steroid. Last week, a federal judge sentenced Graham to a year of home confinement for lying to federal investigators.

    Jones was released last month from a Texas federal prison after completing most of her six-month sentence for lying about doping and her role in a check-fraud scam.

    After long denying she had ever used performance-enhancing drugs, Jones admitted in federal court last year that she used the designer steroid from September 2000 to July 2001. Jones was stripped of three gold medals and two bronzes she won in Sydney after the admission.

    Jones said on Winfrey’s show that her sentence was fair and that losing her medals was fair, too, because of the “question mark” surrounding her performance. She said she will never run again and wants to find a way to inspire young people to make better decisions than she did.

    “I don’t have athletics anymore to hide behind,” Jones said. “In the past, it was Marion Jones, the athlete. … I don’t have that cover anymore. I have really had to find out who I am and why I make certain choices.”

    Jones’ U.S. relay teammates have filed an appeal with the Court of Arbitration for Sport seeking to retain their 2000 Olympic medals. The International Olympic Committee disqualified her teammates, but conceded none of them broke any rules.

    Prodded by Winfrey, Jones apologized to her teammates for lying to prosecutors.

    “When I stepped on that track, I thought everybody was drug-free, including myself,” Jones said. “I apologize for having to put everybody through all of this.

    “I’m trying to move on. I hope that everybody else can move on, too.”

    ELITETRACK Founder

    Mike Young
    Mike Young on #73845

    Marion Jones Thompson on Oprah
    Yesterday Jones did her first interview with Oprah Winfrey since serving six months in prison for lying to federal prosecutors. Oprah did a fabulous interview. She asked key and important questions, and if you want my opinion, Jones squirmed. She squirmed big time. Her words, face, and body language were riddled with clues that she wasn’t being honest with us.

    Read moreI don’t think Jones learned her lesson, and to watch her for an entire hour play this “I’m sorry” role was nauseating. If you want my opinion Oprah’s eyebrows were up high, too.

    Jones wants us to believe that she was taking flaxseed oil. She told us how she would put it under her tongue, how she was instructed to wait for a minute and then swallow it, and she expects us to believe she didn’t know it was a steriod? Who takes flaxseed oil like that? Anyone?

    Give me a break.

    Worse, she says when prosecutors showed her a vial with clear liquid and told her it was a steriod, she suddenly realized that the clear vial that she thought was flaxseed was in fact a steriod. In that minute, she wants us to believe she came to terms with what she did, and just decided to lie.

    “Before they showed it to me, I never knew what it looked like because it wasn’t introduced to me as ‘the clear,'” she says. “So when they showed it to me and they said, ‘This is the substance,’ and I knew that I had taken that substance. I made the decision that I was going to lie. I was going to try and cover it up.”

    This is ridiculous. Would you fess up if you believed you were innocent to a clear vial? Just like that?

    More than that, Oprah asked if she ever confronted her trainer about it if she was misled, and Jones said no. Oprah asked her even to this day? And Jones said no, again.

    It’s absurd.

    “In that fateful moment, Marion says many thoughts ran through her head. “I thought about my family. I thought about how proud they were when I won the medals and when I achieved success and how disappointed they would be,” she says. “I thought about my finances. I thought about my sponsors.”

    But she didn’t think about the person who she says duped her?

    Anyone buying this story?

    When we are wronged, framed, or lied to, we as humans get angry, get upset, and feel violated. We take action and seek answers, but not Marion. She wants you to believe she is the exception to the rule. It’s highly suggestive that she was a willing participant the whole time.

    More than that, Oprah played a clip from 20/20 where the drug company founder, Victor Conte, said he saw Jones shoot up once. Oprah asked Jones why would Victor Conte lie? Jones didn’t have an answer, but amazingly she did admit to having met Conte.

    Jones says she has permanently retired from the sport, but now wants to help people. Isn’t that ironic? I think she needs to take a good look in the mirror. People aren’t going to be fooled by this one. I think the person who still needs help is Jones herself.

    If anyone finds any video online of this interview, let me know. I will consider writing up a review of the body language I see.

    ELITETRACK Founder

    Mike Young
    Mike Young on #73846

    Philip Hersh: Marion Jones sings the same old song to Oprah

    CHICAGO — Marion Jones may have learned that lies led to her spending six months in prison.

    But she apparently still hasn’t learned to face up to the entire truth about her use of performance-enhancing drugs.

    That was evident in the post-prison interview Jones gave to Oprah Winfrey last week that aired today. The show was devoted entirely to the interview, during which Jones broke into tears three times.

    Jones continued to insist she was unaware that she was being given a performance-enhancing drug by her coach, Trevor Graham, and that she never questioned the nature of the substance he gave her. “I thought I was taking a supplement,” she said. ” … Never knowingly did I take performance enhancing drugs.”

    Sorry, Marion, but it is hard to buy that.

    You are an intelligent woman. You were nearly 25 years old when you won five medals (three gold) at the Olympics in 2000, the year when you said Graham first gave you a

    substance later identified as the steroid, tetrahydrogestrinone (THG), known as “The Clear.”

    And now you want us to believe that you were responsible only for “not being more careful with the people I associated with and not questioning people more?”

    Maybe, Marion, the problem is you have become something of a pathological liar.

    You lied to federal investigators about use of performance-enhancing drugs.

    You lied to federal investigators about your role in a money-laundering scheme.

    Now you want us to believe that you were totally unaware of what was going into your body after years of competing at a level where one failed drug test could end your career?

    “I thought everyone on that track [in Sydney] was drug-free, including myself,” Jones told Oprah.

    Prosecutors filed a memorandum saying Jones used more drugs than she admitted to.

    The federal judge who sentenced Jones clearly did not buy her defense of ignorance about using THG.

    Neither should anyone else.

    The only thing Jones still admits to is making a bad choice by lying. She ascribed her bad choices to a combination of naivete and, as she told Oprah, “childhood trauma.”

    She apologized to the relay teammates who lost their medals because of her lies — but not her doping — saying she never intended to harm any of them.

    “I apologize for my actions to lie to federal prosecutors and I apologize for having to put everybody through all of this,” she said.

    Oprah asked if she felt the effects of the THG.

    “Yes and no,” Jones said. “There were moments I felt I had more energy on the track.”

    Oprah asked if Jones wondered whether she had won because of the drug.

    “There are moments I will go through the races in my mind and ask myself, ‘If you hadn’t been given The Clear, do you think you would have won or ran fast?’ I usually answer yes. I still think I would have won but just the fact there is question mark, to me it is not fair for anyone I ran against or the women I ran with on the relays.”

    At one point in the interview, Jones said the medals stripped from her were “just hardware,” that the real loss is in the memories that have been tarnished for her and her family. Later, she said, “To have to give up my gold medals is horrible.”

    In the end, after Jones tearfully read a letter that she had sent from prison to her children, Jones explained her lying owed to a lack of self-respect.

    “I didn’t love myself enough to tell the truth. I have hidden behind my obvious talent for much of my life for fear that the weak, sad, hurt and vulnerable Marion would emerge and ruin the plan for my life.” *

    Jones said people now would have to accept her as Marion Jones the person, not Marion Jones the athlete.

    Marion Jones the athlete turned out to be a fraud.

    ELITETRACK Founder

    mortac8 on #73857

    Good to see nobody is buying this crap.

    pugetsoundhound on #73859

    It is just plain painful to watch someone with so little insight, lack of maturity, and who is probably not all that bright. I’ve started and stopped the interview three times. Jones’s comments show true contempt for the track and field public. Pathological is definitely the operative word – in a strict psychological sense.

    I feel sorry for her child. It’s so interesting to compare Jones with Conti: She is apologetic but has no integrity. Conti is non-apologetic, a bit of a self promoting showman, but still has his integrity, and is willing to pull back the curtain.

    Oprah did a great job by letting us see what a sick person Jones is.

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