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    Adistarhj on #210558


    It’s been a while, but I’m finally back here at E.T!
    I had a bad stress fracture in my tibia in the early season of 2012, took some time off from the track after that. I only did weights and core work the next following 15 months, but in September 2013 I started doing more specific track work.
    Obviously, things were very different when I got back into jumping and running after such a long time: I’d gained a little too much muscle and lost some of my speed and technique. But I’ve tried to be patient and focus on the right things. I also decided to make the triple jump my primary event, instead of the long jump. For some strange reason the TJ comes way more natural to me now – I jump about 4 feet longer in practice then I used to before the injury. So far I’ve jumped 38’5 ft in training (From a 10 stride approach) About 1 foot longer than my PB from a full approach from 2012. My goal for the season is 40 ft +

    I’ve been testing out a few different jump styles. Right now I like the double arm shift better than the single.. so I think I’ll stick with that for a while.

    Here’s a video from a practice:

    I just wrapped up my Genreal Preparation phase, and now I’m moving onto more specific higher quality training.
    A typical week in this phase will look something like this:
    Monday: Weights
    Tuesday: Sprint
    Wednesday: Jumps
    Thursday: Weights
    Friday: Sprints
    Saturday: Off
    Sunday: Jumps

    I also stay away from anything higher than 3 reps in the olympic lifts and squats. It’s all about regaining that awesome explosiveness I used to have! I have also changed my training philosophy dramatically: Now, I actually LISTEN to my body. If I have some pain here or there – I’m not afraid of taking the day off and letting it heal before I hit the track or weightroom again. This is very new to me.. I used to be ridiculously disciplined and would need an extremely good reason to take a rest. Which is probably the main reason why I hurt my leg so bad back in ’12.

    Also, I still don’t have a coach. But I try to do things ‘As if I had a coach’.
    I’m moving to the US in August, and will for the first time in my life: Have a real coach to guide me πŸ˜€

    If you have any advices or questions – feel free to speak up!

    – Maria

    Adistarhj on #210562

    Sunday March 16th 2014

    Dynamic stretching, barbell-drills and warmup-sets.

    Hang power snatch: 3×55, 3×77, 3×100, 1×110, 1×116, 2×110 lbs
    Clean & jerk: 2×100 , 2×110, 2×121, 1×132 lbs
    Power clean: 3x2x121, 3×132, 2×143, 1×149, 3×128 lbs
    Clean-pulls: 3×143, 3×154, 3x2x165 lbs
    Full squat: 3×88, 3×110, 3×121, 3×132, 2×143, 1×54 lbs

    Easy stride-outs.

    Pretty good. Snatches felt a little odd.. didn’t pull all the way out -> “forward rotation in the catch”
    Good cleans and squats.

    77 lifts.

    Josh Hurlebaus on #210594

    Welcome back! Glad to see you’re healthy and jumping well!

    Adistarhj on #210598

    Thank you! πŸ™‚

    Adistarhj on #210599

    Monday Match 17th 2014

    One hour deep tissue massage of the lower body and back. Ahh, pain! But luckily not as bad as last time.
    This is another change in my training regimen, I use massage as injury prevention – and not only as “post-injury” treatment. Took the rest of the day off.

    Adistarhj on #210600

    Tuesday March 18th 2014

    Active rest day. Went for a hike and did some low intensity lifting. Just to shake out the massage from yesterday.

    Adistarhj on #210870

    Wednesday March 19th 2014

    Managed to jam my heel during a triple jump. Overstretched the plantar fascia slightly. Not serious, just uncomfortable..

    Adistarhj on #210871

    Thursday Match 20th 2014

    – Jogging, skipping 5 minutes, dynamic stretching, drills, static stretching, stride-outs.

    – 2x60m
    – 4x30m

    – Sircuit 25minutes.

    The heel is still sore, but way better than yesterday. Took it easy on the sprints. Got some good quality core work in.

    Adistarhj on #210877

    Saturday March 22nd 2014

    – Jogging, skipping, dynamic stretching, drills, stride-outs, bounding.

    – 5×10 from short approach. Focus om horisontal push off the ground, and keeping the speed throughout every jump.
    Triple jump:

    – Testing from 2, 4 and 6 step approach. PBs in every one of them πŸ˜€
    Jumped 35’5ft in from 6 strides. Nyw PB by almost 1 foot.

    – Front squat 3×5 -> 132 lbs
    – Walking lunges 10,8,6 x 88lbs

    – Easy striedouts.

    Adistarhj on #210909

    Adistarhj on #211005

    Sunday March 23rd 2014

    – Jog, dynamic stretch, drills, strideouts.

    – 4x60m
    – 4x30m

    – Easy bounding.

    Short’n easy workout. My right hamstring has caused me a bit of trouble over the past three months.. so I’m gradually working my way back into sprinting routines again. Ran the 60s at 8.2 seconds apprx. Trying to get some rythm rather than high speed today.

    Adistarhj on #211119

    Monday March 24th 2014

    – Barbell drills, dynamic stretching, warmup-sets.

    Power snatch: 3x2x77, 3×99, 1×110, 1x2x99 lbs.
    Clean & Jerk:2×99, 2×99, 2×110, 2×121, 2×132, 1×43 lbs.
    Snatch-pull: 3x3x99 lbs.
    Romanian deadlift: 8x2x99, 8×121 kg
    Squat: 3x2x99, 3×110, 3×121, 3×132, 1×143 kg
    Jump squat: 3x5x Bodyweight.

    Easy stretch.

    Good workout with the weightifting team. I haven’t done snatches from the floor, nor clean & jerks in a while – but still managed to c&j 143 lbs. My PB is from a compeition in january, where I did 121 in the snatch and 159 in the c&j (at 135.5 lbs) The goal is to maintain that strength while shredding off a little bodyweight before the season starts in May.

    Adistarhj on #211125

    Tuesday March 25th 2014

    Jogging & skipping, dynamic stretching, drills, static stretching, stride-outs.

    6x60m, 4x40m, 4x30m. (3 minutes break between each)

    20 minutes of different crunches, twists etc.

    A good quality session. Focused on running using a relaxed running technique. Hams were a lttle sore from yesterdays romaninan deadlifts. Good core work too.

    Adistarhj on #211138

    Wednesday March 26th 2014

    Jogging, dynamic sretch, sprint drills, strideouts, triple jump drills, bounding

    Triple jump:
    From 2 step approach x 8 (29’6)
    From 4 step appraoch x 5 (33’1)
    Fron 6 step approach x 5 (33’10)
    From 8 step approach x 4 (34’0)

    5-bounds from 6 x 4
    3-hops from 4 x 5
    5-hops from 6 x 6

    Tried something new today – I did all jumps back to back, with no breaks in-between. The jumps were obviously way shorter tha usual, because I was more tired.. but I think it’s an okay thing to do every once in a while. “Technical-jump-endurace-coniditioning-training” πŸ˜‰ Since I already was very sore to begin with, it would be hard to jump far anyway. Now I got a total of 131 take-offs at least.

    Adistarhj on #211231

    Thursday March 27th 2014

    Barbell drills, dynamic stretching.

    Hang power snatch 3×77, 3×88, 3×99, 3×99, 3×110 lbs.
    Hang power clean 3×99, 3×110, 3×121, 3×132, 1×143
    ATG squat 3×88, 3×110, 3×121, 3×132, 2×143
    Explosive stepups high box 5×6 each leg x bodyweight
    Walking lunges 6x3x88

    Boxjumps 3×4

    1 step – Jumping 24×1
    Runningstrides 24×1
    Single leg hopping 12×2
    2 step – Running 12×1
    Bounding 12×1
    Jumping 12×1
    Single leg hopping 12×1
    3 step – Running 8×4
    Bounding 8×3
    Jumping 8×3
    Singel leg hopping 8×2

    Easy jump drills

    One of the best workouts of the year (so far) The beautiful wheather made the stairjumps even better. Since I haven’t jumped in stairs in about 2 years, I’ll probably be a little sore tomorrow. Worked a 9 hour shift right afterwards = mostly walking and standing.

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