maintain power, speed, strength with injury and triple jump in 4 weeks?

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        cliffordwinburn on #13014

        A triple jumper has a really tight left hamstring.  The hamstring feels when touched like a rope on the higher end of hamstring.  The jumper is seeking attention from trainer, like icing, stem, and plenty of stretching with some rest.  He has no pain when walking, lifting weights (not past 3/4 on squat, and can power clean 60% without pain), can stride without pain and runs normal.  The hamstring however, does have so much tight pain when sprinting or triple jumping or bounding(regardless of effort) at 100% effort that the jumper can't do it yet.  The hamstring has been evaluated by many a professional, and is not a strain, just really tight as described earlier.  Championships is in 4 weeks.  What should be done to maintain jumping ability, power, speed, strength to jump optimally at championships with the time given?  Perhaps jump squats, doing short sprints on bike, hang snatch, low step ups with heavy weight, med ball throws, depth jumps, hang clean, clean all done with light weights?

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