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      • Jake
        Jake on #226230

        Theres alot of info on the way Pfaff likes to train but not much on Seagrave who is arguably the best sprints coach in the world on par with Dan.


        Here is an example of a week from 2008

        Monday – Max V development ins and outs

        Tuesday – Extensive tempo. Strength and power before the session

        Wednesday –  Acceleration development

        Thursday – Regeneration

        Friday – Strength and power. Jump run

        Saturday – Hills power endurance ex. 3×30 3×60 3×90 3×120

        Sunday – Rest


        What I notice is his plan doesn’t follow a textbook high low system and his use of long hills for short sprinters is unusual.

        Im not too sure how he periodises his training as he includes max v in the form of s/f/s from day one and uses ext only one day early in season. Maybe because of his warm up protocol he can maintain work capacity and recovery through means of his warm up.

        Would be good to get a discussion going about another world class sprint coach.



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