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    tkaberna on #13533

    I was wondering what everyones impressions are on this device.  I want something that can test vertical very quickly and how fast my jumpers are getting off the ground on plyos.  I also see there is a feature that you can say go and it starts a timer and when the athlete hits the mat it records their time.  Could I use this for 30m sprints?  Thanks for your help. 

    Chad Williams on #67902

    VJ – It is fine for what you are looking for .  . . a base number. Just make sure they land with their legs straight to keep the numbers consistent. I actually had to have the athletes practice how to land on the mat. Legs straight, toes up. It doesn't feel pleasant when you do it right. So I wouldn't test very often.

    I have never used it for 30m sprints but I would assume it is a lot like running to first base. You end up having to either reach your stride (bad) or cut a stride short (bad) and neither gives you a completely accurate assessment.

    coachformerlyknownas on #67903

    I've had some problems with the timing mechanism.  However for explosive jumping it seems to do the job.

    Mike Young
    Mike Young on #68073

    You can definitely cheat the just jump mat but if you regulate usage it can be an accurate and reliable method of testing the VJ. I wouldn’t try using it for 30m sprints though. Get timing gates for that.

    I believe there was a research article in the most recent issue of NSCA’s Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research that indicated that a jump mat was MORE accurate than a vertec….I could be wrong but I vaguely remember reading that somewhere. In the end it ultimately comes down to test administration.

    ELITETRACK Founder

    Bjorn on #118767

    This jumping mat shows too much. 10-20 cm too much. It is good for internal use, but not to compare with other tests.

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