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    Josh Hurlebaus on #236610

    Hey everyone!

    Years ago I had a training journal here as I was competing post collegiate. You can find it here if you’re bored –

    After 6 (I think) years, I have decided get back into training.

    In the years since posting, I have since:

    • Graduated from WVU with my MS in Coaching
    • Gotten married
    • Stopped training for anything.
    • Had our first child, Finn. He is a complex congenital heart patient who is just about to have his 3rd surgery ( as of 8/1/2020).

    With Finn’s health being overall good (all things considered) and my life in a place where I can dedicate time to training, I figured I should start a journal to keep myself honest and accountable.


    Initial Stats

    • Weight- 188lbs
    • Height- 6’1″ ( I don’t imagine this changing lol)


    Initial Tests

    • PC- 245
    • Vertical- 26 inches


    For my gym/facilities I have:

    • Olympic platform/bar/hex bar/bumper plates
    • Squat rack/bench/etc
    • Homemade flywheel (the OKbox)
    • Pulley machine/isolation machine
    • Treadmill/rower/spinbike/upright climber
    • Back extension
    • Heavy bag/speed bag/sparring bag
    • 8/12/15lb medballs
    • kettlebells from 25-60lbs
    • Exergenie that I will use for resisted sprints when its time
    • I live on a hill

    I will be using the Push Strap to keep track of lifting metrics. I won’t be timing sprints until much further into training.

    Hopefully the speed is still somewhere deep within. I’m looking forward to this journey into having less of a dad bod and more of a father figure. Beware of horrible dadjokes within.

    Josh Hurlebaus on #236611

    Recovery day today after testing yesterday.

    I also had some yard work I needed to do, so after mowing and weed whacking, I did a very light warm up followed by:

    • 3 sets of 30 second iso holds
      • Deep lunge
      • hip thrust
      • mid push up
      • mid pullup
    • 10 min of crawls/walks
      • bear crawl, spidermans, walking lunges, crab walks, duck walks, lateral crouch walks, walking tow touches, inch worms
    • Foam rolling

    Depending on sleep tonight, tomorrow will either be another light day or day 1 of high int.

    My training isn’t going to look like it had in the past due to time constraints. My wife works opposite shifts than I do, so anytime she’s home we prioritize time together. I also have a kid, plus have been helping take care of my mom after her heart attack in the spring.

    I may have to get creative with my workouts to hit the components I want to while only having 60-90min available per day.

    Josh Hurlebaus on #236612

    My current thoughts for my first block of training while also being a good parent/husband are:

    Monday- Sprint, multijumps, olympic lifts

    Tuesday – Rowing/vertical climber, bb

    Wed- Jump circuit, medball, recovery

    Thursday- Off/Date night

    Friday – Sprint, multijumps, Oly/Squat/Bench, multithrows

    Saturday – Row/Climb, MB, yard work (general strength if yard/house is good)

    Sunday – off/ yard work


    This would be 3-5 weeks depending on how things are progressing.

    I want to lift more, but I’m also not in great shape at the moment. I might keep this set up short, 3-4 weeks, and then be more aggressive for the remainder of GPP.

    goingsgone2 on #236613

    What’s your ideal plan for competition?  Open college meets / Masters competition?

    Josh Hurlebaus on #236614

    Currently I want to open up competition in early January. I’m hopeful that there will be some semblance of a collegiate season, but who knows if they will accept unattacheds at this point. If they don’t, I will organize private practice competitions with some local masters athletes.</p>
    If they accept clubs I’ll re-register my club to compete if needed.

    Then after indoor, I wouldn’t compete again until May due to WI weather and would hit a few of the open/masters meets in June and July.

    Josh Hurlebaus on #236616

    8/3 Workout

    Speed day. Wanted to do hill, but k<span class=”” title=”Edited”>iddo went down a little late for hills today. Had to modify with my treadmill which is permanently unplugged and at max incline. @hurleboss on IG for video

    3x standing broad jump tests. Best was 9’6″, which is depressing
    6x treadmill push sprints complexed with low amplitude single leg multijumps
    4×3 single “hurdle” hops
    4×4 powercleans @ 185
    4×5 weighted pullups</span>

    Josh Hurlebaus on #236617

    Day 2 for the season of Dad Speed- low intensity and zero impact to recover from yesterdays high intensity day. Should be feeling good for tomorrow’s jump circuits and medball work

    The workout
    8×1 min on 1 min off on the rower

    3x Set A (first vid) with 90 sec rest
    2x Set B (second vid) with 90 sec rest

    Set A: 5x fat grip deadlifts, 8x landmine press, 8x pullup
    Set B: 8x tbar row, 8x dips,8x glute ham raise

    This first block of training is definitely a systems check, of sorts. It’s been awhile, so I’m looking at this as me being at T-20min. We’re checking the sensors and going through our checks before we detach and get ready for liftoff.

    After this block I’ll test and settle on a plan for the fall/winter. Hopefully we’ll have news on if there will be any meets this winter by then.

    Josh Hurlebaus on #236713

    Dad life means posting will be less than routine.

    Saturday’s workout
    The workout (while Finn napped)
    – 8×4 second treadmill push sprints complexed with low amplitude single leg hops
    – 4×3 single leg hurdle hops
    – 4×4 power clean @185 with )
    – 4×4 weighted pullups @35lbs

    Todays Workout
    6x20m hills
    4x 4 single hurdle hops (double leg)
    4×4 PC @185
    Rudiment series

    It’s been a tough last few days mentally. Finn’s recent echocardiogram wasn’t the greatest so we’re in a little bit of an uneasy time as we see how his heart progresses

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