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    Josh Hurlebaus on #210595

    Thanks for the tip, Christopher!


    It’s been ages but I’m finally at a place where my life has settled down enough to be more active online (as well as focus on track).

    Training is going great and coaching is going well. I can’t complain!


    On the training side of things I am still training for the 400 and just finished the last max strength portion of work for the year. Last year I sharpened up and ran very well after reducing the max weights to once every 7-10 days  for maintenance and instead used a lot more ballistic or power range lifts, as well as medball and plyo work. I finished up this phase hitting 2×295 powercleans as well as 4×435 squats. Neither were testing days or weeks, just days I felt like pushing myself.

    I’ll be opening up soon (I have a hard time counting the meet in Boston where I ran injured), so hopefully things go well!

    Josh Hurlebaus on #210603

    Training this week  is fantastic simply from the fact that all of the college kids are on spring break so I have an entirely empty field house to myself and small training group.

    Mon was  4×10, 6x20m starts from full reaction followed by single and double leg plyos

    Tues- CF’s big circuit @ 70% plus medball circuit and some light manual therapy

    Today- S-F-S plus plyos and weights.

    Feels great to have a solid 3 1/2 months of consistent training at this point due to quitting my other job.

    Also- shameless plug but if you have an android phone I just released a simple block start trainer and reaction drill app for Android. I’ve adjusted the sensitivity so that you can place your phone inside of the blocks or behind them it will register your reaction. No need for an armband, the phone just needs to be touching the blocks (obviously I recommend a case). The next release will be out in a week or so with a pretty major feature upgrade as well. The app store launch for iOS devices is also around the corner. I don’t want to be that guy making a new post to hock his wares, so I’ll just leave this here in my journal

    Josh Hurlebaus on #210651

    Easy tempo day today since I hit a pretty high volume of S-F-S yesterday. 3×300 @ 46 with 3:30-4 min rest then 3×100 with 30 sec rest @ 15.5. It’s on our indoor 150m track, so the curves are …tight…to say the least.

    Josh Hurlebaus on #210872

    Great longer accel day yesterday. After a couple starts through 10m we videoed some starts through 45m and ended up doing 4 of those with full commands. Finished with some 30m sled pulls.

    Lifting has been going really well lately. 7×2 powercleans, working up to my last 4 sets at 265 (aim of being very explosive, not max/struggling). Followed with some complexed RDLs and depth jumps, bench, and a few explosive medball throws to finish the day.

    Intensity and quality are all higher than they have been in a long time. I think being able to get 9 hours of sleep per night, every night, has been helping a ton.

    Josh Hurlebaus on #211124

    Mondays speed day went very well but last night ended up feeling slightly off all night. Either warm or cold, sweaty. Figured I was going to come down with something so I started pounding some zinc. I slept rather crappy but woke up not feeling sick and still did my workout

    4x200m with 2 min rest, between 25.8 and 26.3 for the first 3, and the last one at…blah 27.8. These were inside on our 150m track at 9am however, so I don’t feel too bad about the times. I spent about 10 min in agony from the burning and leg lock afterwards and then did a medball circuit. It was a good morning!

    Josh Hurlebaus on #211258

    I averted disaster this weekend (after courting it all weekend, looking back)

    Unlike Boston where I knew I shouldn’t run, but I did anyway with a quad injury, I was feeling really damn good leading up to this meet. The temperature kept dropping as the week went on (from projected 60s to projected 50s to actually being a high in the 40s on friday and 51 on sat) but I still decided to run because I needed some more races this season.

    My start and curve were phonomenal and I haven’t felt that fast while running relaxed since last summer.  It was when I started to press at 100% out of the curve that the weekend caught up to me. Once I started going all out my right hamstring started cramping. Not a pull, but a cramp. I immediately stopped pressing and finished the race at a limping tempo speed. I had a sizable lead out of the curve and the winner went 21.40, so while I’m upset with not finishing, at least there were positives from the race.

    <span style=”line-height: 1.5em;”>As for the cause of the cramp? Since I coach i was on my feet all day both days in very cold weather and we didn’t exactly eat well. Friday night was pizza hut pasta and breadsticks. I haven’t had a vegetable in 3 days. I just sabotaged myself. </span>

    Josh Hurlebaus on #211270

    After a day of some light therapy and loafing around, I did some great speed work outside for this first time so far this year. Tomorrow is supposed to be about 15 degrees colder, however so I may move tempo back indoors. The hamstring and glute feel a bit like i was punched from the meet, but it was strong with no cramping or ill effects from the weekend.

    Really looking forward to summer meets that have zero travelling.

    Josh Hurlebaus on #211297

    pretty easy workout today.

    After about 2 hours of tilling the jumps pits to be ready for the meet this weekend I did 4×300 with 3 min rest between 46-48 each. Pretty easy stuff.

    Josh Hurlebaus on #223749

    Been a couple weeks since my last update. I ran at a small meet in green bay last thursday in some wonderful 48 degree weather but didn’t do too bad for my 100m opener.

    Prelims 100- very clan start through MaxV and then relaxed but steady through the finish- 10.67 + 2.0 m/s

    Finals 100- too low on the start and had to take a compensation step, but much more aggressive through the full race. MaxV felt very good. 10.61 1.7m/s


    I also ran the 200, into the wind this time but was already pretty burnt out from the trials and finals. Only went 21.8 something, but it felt smooth and not forced. Just not fast, lol.


    I’ll be doing my first 400 in about 2 weeks, so… hooooof we’ll see where I’m at lol

    utfootball4 on #230495

    How are things going Josh?

    Josh Hurlebaus on #230509

    Things are pretty non-existent for me on the training side of things when it comes to track. I haven’t raced since 2014 and have been focusing on finishing my masters in coaching as well as coaching.

    When it comes to staying physical, I started training for rock climbing (more specifically bouldering) last September and have used that as my main focus athletically.

    ryanmcphee on #230808

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