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    Hey Matt. Sorry for the delay in posting.

    “Hmm – one of the things I do, with similar time constraints, is work in extra volume in my warm-ups. So I’m maybe doing 36 reps on a snatch workout, but only 15 or so are at anywhere above 65% of 1 RM. Or doing 200m volume of acceleration, but getting another 200-300 submax as part of warm-up.”

    Funny, as soon as I read this I realized I should have worded my post differently. I record all working sets. I don’t necessarily look at lower Olympic lifts (below 70%-ish) as reps, but I should. I probably do 10-12 sets of snatch and 10 Clean & Jerk sets if I look at everything together.

    One thing I’ve seen helping guys I see get big C&J numbers keep the weight back and get confident under heavy weights is doing back jerks (from back of shoulders).

    Agreed here. I do like them as a confidence booster. I didn’t do many of these leading up, but will most likely get back to them after competition.

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