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    John Evans on #229933

    Monday: RMSSD: Lying-152, VL/VJ: 33/34
    Tuesday: RMSSD: Lying-146, Standing- 63.1
    Wednesday:RMSSD: Lying-206, Standing-94.7 VJ/VL: 32.5/34

    Monday: 2/1/2016
    Dynamic Flex
    Sprint Development
    Sprint tape drills- to tolerance
    PC: Work up to 95kg
    Clean DL: 3×2 @ 125kg
    Squat: Work up to 125kg

    Tuesday: Off

    Wednesday: 2/3/2016
    PC Max: hit 108kg
    Shot Put

    So pretty much after the meet, I am still feeling pretty crappy. I have some patellar tendinitis, dealing with a sinus infection at the moment with anti-biotics, mucinex, and some antihistamine. I think that the meds have something to do with the big drop in vertical and low power outputs, but I think it has more to do with the competition last week. The stress of that meet flared up my ankles, knees, and hips a lot. It was a super stiff surface.

    John Evans
    John Evans on #229943

    Thursday: Off
    Sprint Buildups to tolerance
    Squat estimated max: 325lbs


    John Evans
    John Evans on #229945

    Okay, so my down week is over and I started another training cycle. This time I am focusing more on fast eccentric strength, while maintaining max strength through faster bar velocities and a few heavier hip movements. I think my max strength was pretty close to as high as its going to get this year, so I really want to focus on other aspects of training.

    RMSSD: 111 lying, 77 standing
    Mb toss peak power: 2600ish (14lbs dynamax)

    Dynamic Flex
    Hurdle Mob/ Pelvic Mob
    Shot Put: 20 power throws
    Hurdles to tolerance: Well… That was aweful
    Sprints: 3x3x35, 1 long accel
    CM Hang Cleans: 2×3@ 90kg, 1×2@ 90kg, 3×2 @ 90 kg
    Drop Squats: 4×5 @ 155
    Hurdle Hops: 3×5
    Speed Incline DB Press: 4×6 @4o, 45, 55 lbs
    Speed Pullup: 4×4
    Hip Lift: 4×4 @ 140kg
    Morpheus: x3 (This is just OHB, BTLF, etc…)

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    John Evans
    John Evans on #229949

    Mb throw: 2446 w
    RMSSD: Lying 126, standing 36

    Dynamic Flex
    Hurdle Mob
    10-15 short approach LJ (6 step)
    Hurdle dribbles
    Clean complex: 7x Pull to knee, pull to above the knee, PC, FS, Jerk @ 65kg
    GS circuit for time: 4′ 30″

    John Evans
    John Evans on #229951

    Didn’t train as much as I would like last week because I was still banged up from the meet and last cycle, but I am going to restart this cycle this week and progress for another 2-3 weeks depending on how I feel.

    No monitoring because I needed a mental break with life being so busy.

    Monday: 2/15/16
    Dynamic Flex
    Sprint Dev
    Hurdle Mob
    3x3x35 (long acceleration)- walk back recovery, 4′ between sets
    Shot put: hit a few 30ft throws from a power
    CM Hang Clean: 2×3 @ 90kg, 3×2 @ 95kg, 1×2 @ 100kg
    Lots of misses in there, sadly
    Super set:
    Drop Squat: 5×4 @ 70kg
    Hurdle Hops: 4×5
    Speed incline: 45, 55, 65
    Speed Pull up: 4×4 (chest to bar strict)
    Hip Lift: 4×4@ 150kg
    Morpheus: x2

    John Evans
    John Evans on #229953

    EDIT: Monitoring will be back tomorrow

    Dynamic Flex
    Sprint development
    Ringo x 8 ea.
    SA jumps 7 steps: x 8-12
    Complex x 7 w/ 1′ rest @ 155: Pull to knee, Pull to hip, Clean, Hang clean, Front Squat, Jerk
    Yolanda x 1o for time

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    John Evans
    John Evans on #229981

    Still not in a good routine with training facilities but I did my best to work around things. Not going to update the past week, but here is Monday through today (wednesday).


    Dynamic Flex
    Sprint Development
    Hurdle Mob
    Shot put
    Acceleration development: 3x3x40m
    Hang clean: 1×2 @ 80kg, 1×2 @90kg, 1×2 @ 95kg, 2×2 @ 100 kg, 2×2 @ 95kg
    Drop Squat: 5×4 @ 165
    Hurdle Hop: 5×4
    Neutral grip 1/2 Bubka: 4×4
    Speed Incline DB Press: 4×4 @ 55, 55, 65, 70
    Hip Lift: 4×4 @ 160kg
    MB throw: 2x morpheus

    WL Warmup
    Complex @ 155 till miss on the jerk failure with 1- 1′ 30″ rest
    Pull to knee, pull to hip, Power clean, Hang clean, Front squat, Jerk
    Track warm up
    Dynamic Flex
    sprint development
    SA LJ x 8

    Dynamic Flex
    Sprint Development
    Hurdle Mob
    6 x Full approach Long Jump (18 step)
    4x 30m acceleration, with 20m fly
    Hang CM Snatch: Work up to 70kg, 4×2 @ 70kg
    Step up: 5×2+2 @ 110, 140, 160kg
    Weighted Pull up: 4×3 @ 25kg
    Speed Bench Press: 4×4@ 70kg, 75kg
    Drop TRDL: 4 x 4 ea. @ 50 lbs.
    stiffness jumps: 4×5

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