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    John Evans on #229786

    Monday (1/4/16)

    Dynamic Flex
    Hurdle mob
    Sprint Dev.2x30m
    5x30m races

    Warm up
    Squat Max out: 3×2, 5×1 @ 135, 185, 225, 265, 285, 305, 320,
    max: 325
    Bench Press: 4×6 135, 155, 165, 175

    Awesome day for testing squat. Very happy with my performance, as it is an 8kg PR. Hips are still sore, as is my low back.

    John Evans
    John Evans on #229787

    Tuesday: 1/5/16
    SHWU A
    Static Flex
    Sprint Development
    Wednesday: 1/6/16
    PC: Work up to max- 135, 155, 175, 195, 205, 215, 225, 235, 245 (missed) 245 (make), 25o (missed)
    SA Row: 3×6 @ 70lbs
    Split squat: 3×6 ea. @ 155lbs
    Bench press: maxed at 205- 135, 155, 175, 185, 190, 195, 200, 205

    SHWU B
    Dynamic Flex
    Sprint Devel
    Hurdle Mob: Dynamic 2×8
    2x 15m fly w/ 30m run in
    2x SFS 25, 25, 30

    Tuesday was pretty much an off day, so that was refreshing. I have been really tight recently and I have been having a little bit of pain in my left leg with nerve pain and hip pain. Could be the laborum from squat maxing. Very happy with 245 PC, 205 BP, and 325 squat.

    John Evans
    John Evans on #229809

    Thursday: 1/7/16

    Static Flex
    Sprint Development
    8x 28 sec run w/70 sec rest
    15 contacts of jump circuits
    BB Circuit: FF x 6-8
    Ringo: 30 sec on/off

    Friday: 1/8/2016

    Dynamic Flex
    Sprint Development
    5x40m hill sprint
    PC: 4×2 @ 200 for last 2
    Squat: 3×8 @ 225
    Pull up max: 20

    Really great training this week. Overall, I am super pleased with how I did. Only down part was that I tweaked my hamstring on Wednesday and it was still bothering me Friday. This week has been a little hectic because I moved back into school, but I am excited to get going on my next week of training coming up here in a little bit. Still figuring out some KPIs as they relate to my performance, but hopefully that will come together. Curious to see what happened to my vertical while I trained over break, so I will be including verticals, RMSSDs, and maybe some power outputs on future logs.

    John Evans
    John Evans on #229813

    Monday (1/11/2016)

    Dynamic Flex
    Hurdle Mob Dynamic 2×8
    Sprint Development
    Acceleration Development: 6x25m
    Bounding: 2x25m
    Dunking (Two feet for fun): 15mins
    Powerclean: 6×3 last 3@95kg
    Clean DL: 2×3 @115kg
    Squat: 5×6 last 3@110kg
    BP: 4×6 last 3 @70kg
    KB swing: 2×10 @50lbs

    Tuesday (1/12/2016)
    Static Flex
    Dynamic Flex
    Hurdle Mob Static
    Sprint Dev: Hatori 1x40m
    Extensive Tempo: 40 sec on w/ 1′ 20″ rest
    Ringo: 30sec on/off
    Squat walk series: 15m ea. except lateral
    BB circuit: KK x8
    Stiffness jumps in sand: 30 contacts 6 exercises

    John Evans
    John Evans on #229814

    Wednesday (1/13/2016) RMSSD: 133.6, VJ: 35.5″, VL: 37″

    Dynamic Flex
    Hurdle Mob: Dynamic
    Sprint Dev: Bride: 2x20m
    Speed Endurance: 4xSFS (30,30,25)
    Plyometrics: 4x Box STL, Box Hurdle Hop
    Dunking: 15mins w/ 2k ball
    Power Snatch: 3WU sets, 7×2 @ 62kg
    Lunge Jump: 4×6 @ 30lb DBs
    Weighted Pullup: 4×6 @ 15kgs
    HSPU: 3x 2-3

    Very pleasantly surprised by the increase in my vertical leap. I just tested it out of curiosity, and it went up a few inches. Could be due to a variety of things, but I’m guessing it is because of the increase in my max back squat and PC. Overall, I’m pretty sore, but excited to continue the training process.

    John Evans
    John Evans on #229815

    Thursday (1/14/2016) RMSSD: 143, VJ: 33″ VL: 34″

    Static Flex
    Hurdle Mob backwards: 2×8
    Sprint Development: Lateral movements 2x20m
    MB circuit: Pip x 15ea.
    WR circuit: ABCD x 15ea
    Extended: 30 sec ea.

    My body is hurting pretty good this morning, even after essentially a down day yesterday. Luckily I don’t have much planned in the way of school, so I can hang out and train a little bit later. Still really enjoying the training process and looking forward to continuing. I think today I might work on some hurdling if my body is up for it. It will probably be ugly, but I have to start somewhere. Also, I have concluded that my hips definitely don’t track normally due to the way that the femur is tracking inside of the acetabulum, and I am leaking a lot of power. Instead of complaining about this, I am going to maximize my ability by sprinting with more external rotation of the of the foot. Not ideal at all, but my foot rotates prior to pushing forward and I am waisting time in my start. I also don’t think my arm splits are ideal, but they splay out to the sides to help me balance during the start (because of my hips).

    John Evans
    John Evans on #229816

    Friday (1/15/2016) RMSSD: 118, VJ: 34.5″ VL: 36″

    Dynamic Flex
    Hurdle Mob: Dynamic 2×8
    Sprint Development: Pai mei 2×8
    Acceleration Development: 6x30m
    Bounding: RRR…, LLL…, RRLL, RLRL, RRR, LLL (30 yards ea.)
    PC: work up to 3×1 @ 98kg
    Squat: 5×2 @ 118kg
    Speed Bench Press: 4×3 @ 75kg
    Hip Lift: 3×8 work up to 12okg

    Achilles and hips were bothering me a little bit today, but training went relatively well overall. I felt really crappy coming into today’s training because I was running on really slow turf, but I was surprisingly powerful considering it was Friday. Would have liked to work on hurdles, but couldn’t get access to hurdles.

    John Evans
    John Evans on #229818

    Saturday (1/17/2016)

    Dynamic Flex
    Sprint Development
    2×300 w/ 7′ rest
    Full Recovery
    <span style=”line-height: 1.5;”>3×150 w/5′ rest

    Probably one of the worst workouts I have done in a long time. I had to take full recovery at the 300s because I was about to vomit and my hamstrings were on fire. I ran the 300s on slow turf in around 38 and 40 seconds. I had to take full rest before I started the 15os, because I didn’t want to cut the workout off. I needed the speed work, but I obviously didn’t get the benefit of high lactate tolerance the entire time. </span>

    John Evans
    John Evans on #229838

    Monday (1/18/2016)

    Dynamic Flex
    Spint Development: 2x 30m: Pai mei
    Acc. Dev: 3x3x30m with 1 min between reps and 5 minutes between sets
    Alt Bounding: 4x30m
    PC: 7×2; last 4 sets @ 100kg
    Squat: 5×5; last 3 sets @ 265lbs
    1/4 rhythm squats: 2×5 @ 335lbs
    Bench: 5×5; last 3 sets @ 165lbs
    KB Swing: 3×10 @ 55lbs, 60lbs.
    SLJ: x5

    John Evans
    John Evans on #229847

    Wanted to include my vertical leaps and HRV scores the past couple of days:
    Saturday- VJ: 35.5″ VL: 36.5″ RMSSD: 163.4
    Sunday- RMSSD: 87
    Monday: RMSSD: 141.6, VJ: 35″, 37″
    Tuesday: RMSSD: 96.7, VJ: 33″, VL: 34″

    Static Flex: 30 sec ea.
    Sprint Development: Hatori 2×8
    Hurdle Mob: Static backwards 2×8
    Extensive Tempo: 8x 45 seconds w/ 1′ 40″ rest
    Ringo: 35 sec on/off
    Animal Walks: 18m
    BB circuit: KK x10
    Jump circuit in sand: Stiff Avi x 25 seconds ea.

    Still really trying to develop my fitness levels on these days. Very interesting to see my power output and HRV drop considerably from Monday. Monday was definitely a difficult day in regards to speed and strength development, as the 4×2 cleans at 100kg with the accumulated heavy clean pulls and squats were killer. Today the back of my knees were killing me, which is probably indicating the popliteus is inflamed or just super sore. This could be because I was trying to direct my pushes backwards more instead of rotationally. It could have also been from the cleans, because I have been known to have a little bit of pain when I clean from the double knee bend (and rotation associated with my hip anatomy).

    Today I saw a video of Trayvon Brommell accelerating, and it was really incredible. One thing I see with elite sprinters, like trayvon brommell and Andre DeGrasse, is that they appear to allow a lot of elbow bend. Not really sure why, but its obvious when you look at the back stroke of the upper body during acceleration. I’m not saying the arms are everything, but there definitely seems to be a lot of guys who have crazy fast acceleration doing this.

    John Evans
    John Evans on #229873

    (Wednesday) 1/21/2016; VJ: 35″ VL:35.5″ RMSSD:150.1

    Dynamic Flex: Cole or Merril x 10
    Hurdle Mob: Dynamic 2×8
    Sprint Development: Bride 2x25m
    Speed Endurance: SFS 4x 30m, 30m, 30m
    Plyos: 4x Box SLJ, Box Hurdle Hop; 2x Box Box Hurdle Hop, 2x Box Box SLJ
    Snatch: 8×2, Last 5 @ 66 kg
    Weighted Pullup: 5×5 Last 3 @ 17.5 kg weight
    Lunge Jumps: 3×5 ea. @ 30 lbs DBs

    Yesterday was very taxing. I didn’t feel great going into the workout, but after I warmed up I felt a little bit better. For the Sprint Float Sprints, I tried using some music as a stimulus to increase intensity, which definitely helped throughout the workout. It usually doesn’t help in my weightlifting, but for jumping and sprinting it does wonders. I kept getting lightheaded on the snatches, but I didn’t miss any lifts which was good. I get to travel this weekend with the team to a meet in Saginaw, so training should be interesting, but I think I am going to move my Friday lift to Saturday. I still want to get my squatting in, as that is a major goal of mine this training cycle. After this cycle, I plan to shift to an increased eccentric focus to increase my specific strength qualities. Plus, I know a bigger squat will help my power clean this cycle.

    John Evans
    John Evans on #229918

    Thursday: 1/22/2016 RMSSD: 98.5 No jumps because of time constraints
    Static Flex
    Hurdle Mob Static Backwards
    Sprint Development
    BB Circuit: ABCDx15 light
    Extended: 30 ea
    MB circuit: Pip x 15 w/16lb dynamax ball

    Friday: Traveled to track meet and met Damian Warner… That was pretty cool
    RMSSD: 178 – probably because of the anticipatory response
    Dynamic Flex
    Sprint Development
    Acceleration: 7×30-35m
    Bounding and Hopping: 2x35m RRLL, RLRL ea.

    Saturday: RMSSD: 118
    Barbell warmup
    PC: singles @ 70 kg, 90kg, 100kg, 105kg, 106kg, 107kg, 110kg, 112kg (PR) 115kg (miss), 115kg (miss).
    Squat: 5×2 @ 12o, 4 sets at 125kg
    Bench Press: 4×3 @ 80kg
    Hip Lift: 3×6 @ 130kg

    Sprint: 2×40 second suicide, 1x 30 second, 2×20 seconds

    A lot to update on, but meeting Damian Warner was pretty cool. Definitely acted super unprofessional, but no one knew who he was until I told them that he went to the olympics and was the number two decathlete in the world. As Mike said, I look like a 5 year old meeting santa at the mall for the first time. As for training, very happy with an expected PR in powerclean. I was feeling good and doing single anyways, so I just went for it. I traveled with the NMU women’s team this weekend, so that is how I managed to meet Warner, and had to shift lifting to Sunday. Wish I could have had a true Special Endurance day, but the runs on the court were still pretty difficult. A lot more accelerating than expected. HRVs are really off because I get ancy when I take them, so I might start taking them standing after I go to the bathroom or something. Reason for the PR in clean is probably because I gorged on carbs this week during travel, and it offset the travel stress a lot. Could have also been a little neural priming from the sprints the day before and I didn’t sprint prior to power cleaning.

    John Evans
    John Evans on #229919

    Monday: HRV- 107.6 VJ-35.5″  VL-37.5″
    Tuesday: HRV- 175.8 VJ- 36″  VL-37″
    Wednesday: HRV- 84.4- VJ-34″  VL-35.5″

    Dynamic Flex
    Hurdle Mob: 2×8 dynamic
    Sprint Development: Pai Mei 2x25m
    Block Starts: 1 hr: positioning, tape drill, build ups, posture
    Alt. Bounding for length/speed: 4x30m
    warm up and then Powerclean 8×1 @ 105kg
    Clean Deadlifts: 2×3 @ 130kg
    Squat: 5×4; last 3 @ 280lbs
    Bench: 5×4; last 3 @ 175
    KB: 3×10 @ 60lbs
    SLJ: x10

    Really happy with the 8 singles in clean. My tape drill was individualized to my stride length. I ended up being 4.5ft, 5ft, 5.5ft, 6ft for the first stride. I noticed that pushing my hips over my front foot increased the preload in my hips and allowed me to post much higher with correct posture. I hit all the tape marks if I posted high. I have some assymetry in my left leg, and I usually loose some power (probably due to nerve damage from herniated discs) but if I focus on it, it usually cleans it self up.

    Static Flex for 30 seconds
    Hurdle mob: static 2×8 backwards
    Sprint development: Hatori 1x20m
    Extensive Tempo: 9×50 sec run w/ 1′ 45″ rest
    Ringo: 40 sec on/ 30 sec off
    Animal walks: 20m ea.
    Body Building Circuit: KK x 12ea. @ 60 lbs.
    Stiffness jumps in sand: 6 types by 40 contacts

    I killed the extensive tempo Tuesday, which was sweet. I started to cramp a lot because I didn’t have time to eat and I think fatigue had begun to really accumulate, but nonetheless a very good workout. The KB complex absolutely killed me. My left pec hurt pretty bad after the squats on the left side just from supporting the weight.

    Dynamic Flex
    Hurdle Mob: 2×8
    Sprint Development: 2×20 Merrill
    Max V/Speed Endurance: 4x SFS (30m, 25m, 35m)
    BrickTop: 32″+36″, 4 contacts ea. (Box-SLJ, Box-Hurdle, Box-box-SLJ, box-box-Hurdle Hop
    High Jump Approach Work: 6-8 x Full Approach Jumps
    Snatch: 10×1 @ 70kg
    Weighted Pull up: 4×4 @ 20kg
    Lunge Jumps: 4×4 ea. @ 25lbs.

    Today was a little rough because I just felt so fatigued mentally and physically from the past couple of days. I am starting to feel a lot better, but for a little while there I felt like the stress of teaching, coaching, training, classes, and regular adult life was a little much. I think I just wasn’t eating enough. High jump was fun, haha.

    I am competing Saturday at the meet at NMU in the 400, HJ, and the 60. I am a little nervous, because I don’t want to be discouraged by my times, but I think it is something that is necessary to know where I am at.

    My goals:
    -High post start, with full extension in acceleration (no choppiness)
    -Clean top end mechanics, emphasizing vertical pushes and posture
    -HJ I would like to have an exagerated lean, tall before entering the curve, and trying not to accelerate in the curve
    -400, I just want to finish the race without vomiting.

    That’s it. I don’t want any time standards or goals, because I need to stay motivated to keep training.

    John Evans
    John Evans on #229925

    Thursday: HRV: 157.9, VJ: 33.5″, VL: 36″

    Static Flex B
    Hurdle Mob Backwards: 2×8
    Sprint Development: Bill 2x20m
    MB circuit: PIP 14lb. ball x 15ea.
    BB Circuit: CD x 15ea.

    With my vertical being super low, high soreness and low irritability, and the HRV being abnormally high, I believe I am pretty fatigued. That being said, I dropped volume from last week, especially with the meet this Saturday. Hopefully I can recover before Saturday, but if not, I still see the meet as training. Going to do some pre-meet type stuff today.

    John Evans
    John Evans on #229926

    Friday: HRV 158.8- VJ 33.5″, VL 35.5″
    Saturday: HRV 267.8 <—- What?! VJ 34″, VL 36″

    Dynamic Flex
    Sprint Development
    Hurdle Hops: 6×4
    Ringo: x8

    Saturday: MEET
    Shake out in the AM, Run, dynamic flex, and build ups, rolled out

    Warmed up for HJ
    Dynamic Flex
    Sprint Development
    Hurdle mob
    HJ: 1.76, 1.82, 1.88, 1.91, missed 1.94
    55m: 6.92 <– Not sure if this was accurate because I got second in my heat and they said I got third based on times?
    400m: 53.0

    I am really happy with how everything went today. I feel really crappy now, but I loved getting out there and competing again


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