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    John Evans on #229735

    Hey guys, my good friend Eric Broadbent has been encouraging me to start a training log, and since I have a lot of time over break, I thought I would start recording what I have been doing. I am currently training for the multi at NMU in the UP while completing my masters degree in Sport Science. I have a pretty  unfortunate list of injuries (FAI in my hip, 2 herniated discs, dislocated shoulders, etc…), but I try to work around them. I don’t have any short term goals, but long term I would like to score 7000 points. High school was the last time I competed, but Mike worked with me via correspondence my junior year. Senior year I had a lot of sciatic pain, and I decided I should stop training. After my internship at Athletic Lab, I decided I would start training again, and have been relatively consistent with weight room practices.


    Age: 22
    Weight: 178 lbs
    Height: 6′
    30m: 4.18
    SLJ: 9′ 8
    VJ: 34″
    STJ: 27′ 10″
    PC: 107kg
    Deep Squat: 140 kg
    Bench: 200 lbs

    My last track numbers are from 2011, but here are the bests:

    High Jump: 6′ 4″ (2011)
    Long Jump: 20′ 4″ (2011)
    Triple Jump: 43′ 3″ (2010)
    400m: 51.1 (2010)

    I have lots of things to work on, but I mostly want to stay healthy and keep progressing. I am currently coaching myself as a learning process, but feedback is always welcome. I’ll do my best to field all questions.

    John Evans
    John Evans on #229736

    Wednesday (12/16/15)

    Weight Room:
    PC: 4×3 working sets (155, 165, 175, 175)
    Split Squat: 4×8 @ 65lb DB
    SA Row: 4×10 @ 55 lb DB
    NHS Curl: 3×5

    Short warmup B
    Dynamic Flex
    Sprint Development: 2x20m
    PV: 6x 4 step pop-up pole push
    Fly: 3 x 25m run in w/ 10m fly
    SFS: 3 x 25, 20, 20

    Not ideal to do the weight room first, but some friends convinced me to go earlier. The weight room I am working with is by no means perfect, but it will get the job done. The hardest part is that there are no bumper plates or olympic bars, but I have been very spoiled at NMU with the WL Olympic Training Center and the S&C weight room. Dislocated my shoulder cooling down a week ago, so pressing has been difficult, but my shoulder is feeling a lot better day by day.

    John Evans
    John Evans on #229742

    Thursday (12/17/2015)

    Short WU B
    Dynamic Flex
    Sprint Development w/ lateral movements 5 or so by 40m
    Jump Circuit: 10-12 jumps 35 seconds on/off
    General Strength: pillar x 10, Marsellus x 10
    Body Building Circuits: B,D x 10-12 ea.
    PNF stretching for hip flexors and hamstrings

    Session 2
    Shot put- Arm strike dribble, Glide footwork, and full glide throws x 15 throws

    I am starting to feel pretty fatigued from the week (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing), but all in all not a bad day. I haven’t had much dedicated shot put practice, so today I just worked with my old high school coach with a 12lb shot. It feels extremely light, and I have a tendency to segment and muscle the throw. Not sure if this is because I lack some elastic properties in my core, but hopefully by the end of break I will start to get the hang of it. Ideally I would put this on Monday, but I am not summating forces well, so I don’t expect it was overly taxing. Jump circuit was a little more difficult than I had expected, but general strength was pretty chill.

    John Evans
    John Evans on #229751

    Friday (12/18/2015)

    Row 5′
    Power Clean: 4 working sets- 2×3@205, 2×2@215

    Dynamic Flex
    Sprint Development
    Acceleration Development: 7 x40m
    Deep Squat: 3×5 @ 245
    Speed Squat 3×3 @ 145
    Pull Up: 6×5
    DB carry: 3 x 20m ish @70 ea.

    Was able to work at a buddies place today with the cleans which was really nice. I tend to come up on the toe on my cleans and have a hard time getting under the bar, so I have just been focusing on correcting those problems. Acceleration work felt pretty decent on the hill. Worked on dragging the toe, and keeping a toe up position on the first few pushes. I still feel a little bit choppy, so next time I do accel work I’m planning to focus on “Knee to chest”.

    John Evans
    John Evans on #229754

    Saturday (12/19/2015)

    Static Stretching
    Walking Stretches
    Sprint Development
    150, 200, 250, 150, 200 @85+% w/ 4- 4′ 30″ rest
    Ringo: 10x
    PNF stretching

    Sunday (12/20/2015)

    It was really cold and definitely took some getting used to. I detrained a little over thanksgiving and needed a little mental refresher, so this was the first intensive tempo workout in a while. Definitely kicked my butt a little bit. Really working on getting more flexible in the hamstrings for hurdles and long jump, as they definitely limit my ability the most- more than speed at least.

    John Evans
    John Evans on #229755

    Monday (12/21/2015)

    Dynamic Flex
    Hurdle Mob
    Sprint Dev w/ 10m sprint off
    Accelerations: 8x35m

    Working Sets:
    PC: 2×3 @205, 2×2 @210, 1×3 @215
    Squat: 4×4@255, 260, 265, 265
    Bench Press: 4×7 Last 2 @145
    RDL: 3×4 w/ 4 sec pause @155


    My accelerations were okay. I didn’t feel like I was reaching Max V at 35, but there was a big tail wind which could have been why I felt like I was still picking up speed. I kept thinking about being more violent on the subsequent step without holding my breath. Always working on keeping the arms long, dragging the toe, and not casting the foot out. Cleans felt okay. I started focusing on being more powerful instead of being super technically proficient, and my peak bar speed went up by about .35m/s (1.35-1.44 m/s). I was able to maintain these bar speeds as I went up to the heaviest sets. Not sure what that means, but I try to keep in mind that my goal is to run faster and jump higher, not be an olympic weightlifter.

    John Evans
    John Evans on #229756

    Tuesday (12/23/2015)

    SHWU A
    Static Flex
    Hurdle Mob static (2×8)
    Extensive tempo: 10×35″ w/ a 1′ 35″ rest
    Extended: 40 sec on/off
    Animal walks: 15m ea.
    BB circuit: ACF x 35 seconds ea.

    I felt really good coming into today, but that was probably because the weather was so nice. My extensive tempo went really well, as I hit about 200m+ every rep. Heart rate was around 150-160 BPM after each rep. Hurdle mobility and static stretching really loosened up my hips which was very much needed. My FAI symptoms are pretty much gone when get about 3 months into training which is great. Trying to really get more flexible, so addressing static stretching for me is super important. As I have said before, my guess is that my Jav, hurdles, and LJ are probably most limited by my flexibility more than anything else, so I am glad to be working on these problem areas.

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    John Evans
    John Evans on #229758

    Wednesday (12/23/2015)

    Dynamic Flex
    Sprint Dev:
    3 x 25m run in w/ 15m fly
    3x SFS (25, 25, 15)
    Discus powers x 10

    Walked forever at the mall

    Abbreviated day today as I had to get some Christmas prep done with my family. I was having a little bit of trouble maintaining mechanics at top end, as I was feeling a little bit toey on touch down. The rest was insufficient and I was really rushing, but I felt fast. I have some body building circuits, jump circuits, etc… today, so that should be interesting. HRV dropped to the lowest point in two weeks, which I am attributing to all of the walking and shopping stress from yesterday. I have a weird knot in my upper back, but my shoulder feels a lot better.

    John Evans
    John Evans on #229759

    Thursday (12/24/2015) *Christmas Eve*

    Row 5′
    Dynamic Flex
    Bar Warmup
    PC: 6×2 (155, 175, 180, 180, 180)
    Squat: 2×6 @ 250
    Speed Squat: 4×3 @ 135
    NHS curl: 3×5
    Bench Press: 5×6; last 3 @ 150
    SA Row: 4×10 @ 60 lbs

    Jump Circuit 40 seconds on/off

    I decided to get my weight room in because I won’t be able to lift heavy friday with Christmas and yesterday I missed lifting with shopping. Tomorrow I will hit accelerations and some general strength/body weight work. Really, really fatigued from shopping and very irritable.

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    John Evans
    John Evans on #229761

    Friday (12/25/2015)
    Dynamic Flex
    Sprint dev
    Hurdle Mob
    Hill sprint: 8x40m

    Saturday (12/26/2015)
    Walking Stretches
    Sprint Dev
    2 x(150,200, 250)
    WR circuits: BD x 12
    General Strength: Pillar x 12, Marsellus x 12, Ringo x 5 ish

    Rough training through the holidays because of time constraints but I got the important work in.

    John Evans
    John Evans on #229762

    Dynamic Flex
    Sprint Dev
    Hurdle Mob
    Accelerations: 7×40
    PC: 2×3 @ 215, 4×2 220,205,215,220
    Squat: Worked up to 4×3 @ 275, 280, 280, 285
    DJ 12″: 4×4
    Pull up: 3x1o
    Bench Press: 6×5 (135, 145, 155, 160, 160, 160)
    Pause RDL: 3×4 w/ 4 sec pause @ 185

    Great day for my accelerations. I think I figured out why I have had a very difficult time accelerating, which through watching Altis sprint videos, Loren Seagrave, and some basic biomechanics analysis, I think I corrected. Basically I was bringing my knee too high, which caused me to have a high foot recovery, a lot of breaking, and a very low trajectory that I wasn’t fast enough to optimize. Correcting it just involved thinking about dragging the toe and basically not letting my knee come as high. Accelerations felt a lot better. Cleans were okay, but I missed on my second set of 220 so I jumped down and worked my way back up. Very, very happy with squats. That is the heaviest I have gone, and the last set I felt like I could have squeezed out 290 for sure. Bench is getting stronger after the shoulder injury too. Overall very pleased with today.

    John Evans
    John Evans on #229763

    Tuesday (12/29/2015)

    Dynamic Flex
    Hurdle Mob: static
    Sprint Dev:
    Extensive Tempo: 10×38″ about 220m w/ 1′ 45″- 2′ rest
    Extended:45 seconds on/off
    Body building circuits: ACF x 40 seconds
    Animal walks: 20m ea.
    PNF stretching

    Starting to get pretty sore as I write this from the squats yesterday. Training tomorrow should be interesting. The extensive tempo was pretty difficult this time around, and didn’t feel nearly as good as last week. Mobility is starting to come a long a little which is promising. Body is starting to get a little bit trashed by this time in the game so hopefully I get some good sleep tonight.Unfortunately, Its been a little rough the past couple of weeks.

    John Evans
    John Evans on #229779

    Dynamic Flex
    Sprint Dev
    Hurdle mob

    Flys- 3x 30m run in w/ 15m fly
    SFS- 3x 25,20,30

    PC: 7×2 @ (135, 155 , 175, 180, 180, 175, 175)
    Split Squat: 5×6 @ (65, 65, 70)
    SA Row: 5×8 @ (65, 65, 70)
    NHS: 3×5

    John Evans
    John Evans on #229784

    Thursday (12/31/2015) NYE*

    Sprint Dev
    Jump Circuit: 45 sec on/off
    BB circuit: BD x 14
    Marsellus: x14

    Friday (1/1/2015)

    Dynamic Flex
    Sprint Dev
    Acc Development: 7 x 40
    Up hill bounding: 2×20

    Holidays strike again. This time they are over with, which is nice, but I will back up at school in a week here. School should be interesting. I am a little nervous about heading back, but hopefully I can balance training and school again. Accelerations are starting to feel a lot better. My rhythm is increasing a little, and  I have been working on “step over the ankle, over the calf, over the knee”. Every acceleration step is a little bit different so it makes sense why people work on acceleration mechanics so much. To run really fast, you have to accelerate well. I will lift heavy today and hopefully get in some conditioning. If I don’t get in running, that would suck but at the least I will get my conditioning in. Next week is a down week.

    John Evans
    John Evans on #229785


    Squat: 2×7 @ 255
    Deep Squat: 3×3 @ 135
    Pull Up: 7×5
    Weighted Push up: 6×5 70, 80, 80, 80, 90, 90

    8x 180lb yolk walk 1′ on/off
    4x 25 sec max airdyne sprint

    This was a little bit of a lead in to the recovery week, mostly because I really did not feel like sprinting in the cold and a friend offered to go to his local box. Was really excited about the push ups, and the airdyne sucked.

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