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    R.J. on #23215

    Going to use more javelin training balls this year as oppose to Nockenballs from previous years. There is a greater range of weight for the javelin balls and I have a better opportunity to manipulate some of the drills I am compiling to accomodate these new items. Looking forward to outdoors starting very soon.

    R.J. on #119615

    Have developed a small plyo set to utilize following our Tuesday workout.

    Single leg hop
    Double leg hop

    Shoulder touch push-up
    Close grip push-up (thumbs touch)
    Close to wall med ball touches

    This small circuit is something new I am working in this year, as I have seen success with other types of programs I have done in the past but not to this extent.

    R.J. on #119723

    The athletes have really grasped onto the concepts I have been throwing at them. It is rewarding to see them understanding small mechanical differences to their throws.

    I have implimented a new pre-meet plyo plan which hits on the major activators withing the javelin throw itself. I see this becoming our new standard and its benefits will be seen further into the season.

    First meet for men and women is today. Looking forward to see if mentally their toughness is on par with their physicality. I will be competing with them as well and am waiting to find out next week if I made it into Penn Relays.

    Throw One Deep Today!

    R.J. on #119922

    Had 3 women, 3 men place at our WIAC conference meet during a snowstorm in LaCrosse. Proud of them for pulling through the weather to compete with the others.

    As our season is coming to a close I came back to take a look at where I started, what happened and where do I go from here. While I prepare to leave for Fort Benning, GA in August these summer months provide me the opportunity to see what things I can improve on as a coach.

    My biggest concern of the year was that I overlooked the big picture of the jav throw and had tunnel vision on the upper body predominately. While reviewing video I began to notice that the atheletes had been misplanting the block leg for awhile. Having the opportunity to see this and knowing that it is something to be addressed for future sessions allows me to prepare drills to help foster growth with this aspect.

    Overall I had a more thowers consistantly having PR’s through the season. This let me know that the volume and workload of the throws/medballs were along the right line.

    As always I encourage them to compete with me over the summer, most of them tend to have more PR’s over the summer months due to weather and no pressure situations.

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