It’s All About Stress Reduction

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        Joe Spano on #15486

        Often different athletes I work with bring up many of the following issues before a race or competition: Muscular tensionRaised heart rate and blood pressure Shallow breathingUpset StomachLonger than normal recovery timesAll of these issues affect performance by causing the athlete to be fatigued earlier and lose strength and energy. So my first question to them is always “are you stressed?” and

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      • Mike Young
        Mike Young on #79722

        Do you recommend relaxation techniques for all athletes prior to competitions?

        ELITETRACK Founder

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        Joe Spano on #79733

        Absolutely, I believe in all sports some form of relaxation is important. Even with combat or high impact sports relaxation still has to come into play. While athletes may feel like they have to get psyched up before competition they should be aware of their stress levels.

        With the understanding of how stress can build on itself it becomes critical to be aware of what type of relaxation is occurring. For any athlete the goal should be to find that optimal level between being pumped up and being calm and in control.

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