Isokinetic Testing

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      • Vern Gambetta
        Vern Gambetta on #12489

        It is absolutely amazing to me that people still make extensive of isokinetic testing both for injury screening, rehabilitation, and research. This was considered cutting edge in the 1970’s when we did not know any better. At best isokinetic testing serves as a random number generator. It tells us what an individual muscle or group of muscles is capable of in a very controlled (but very unna

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      • Avatar
        flow on #68016

        what is he referring to here:  …"what was that telling us? Well it was telling what we now know from biomechanical analysis about hamstring function and what the work of Lieber has told about muscle architecture. How about in rehab as an indicator that strength is sufficient to return to play?"…

      • Mike Young
        Mike Young on #60458

        I just think he was saying that it essentially told us nothing useful.

        Interestingly, isokinetic testing is still seen in many circles as the gold standard for measuring strength indices.

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