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    Laurence Prior on #223953

    <span style=”color: #232323; font-family: ProximaNova, Arial, sans-serif; font-size: 16px; line-height: 16px;”>Hi i am a product design student from the Glasgow school of art. I am trying to design a new concept that help athletes with injuries. Basically there is a new technology called Speckled Computing ( which has a variety of different aspect like GPS and motion control. I have decided to uses a sports injuries tape which is used to help performance and help pain relief. In this tape the sensors are placed which link up to an app on your mobile phone. You can select the part of the body you have placed the tape and then you will receive information on this body part, for example temperature of the muscle. You will also be able to see a 3D image of your body part and the motion it is making. After your work out you can then look back at the app at other factors like acceleration of movements and distances traveled. Would just like some feed back of what anyone though of this concept. Thank you.</span>

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