Injuries in Pro Sports

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  • Vern Gambetta
    Vern Gambetta on #13677

    Someone wrote in with this comment yesterday:“The other thing that you always have to consider with the NFL is so many of these guys have "specialists" they see all over the place during the season and during the off season. Everyone seems to have specialist or guru they depend on to get through.” This is a major cause of the problem. It is true in basketball and baseball. Th

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    jumanji on #71094


    Couldn't agree more.  Another issue is the level of vairable resources allocated to keeping the players performing optimally.  All of the teams talk about their X million dollar facility, because they don't understand that the variable cost is often the more important number.  Give me an experienced, educated, and intelligent trainer in a middle of the pack facility over a blowhard in a shiny shrine of weights…..

    I am from up the road, and would love to do a stint with the Devil Rays or the Bucs, but I flat out cannot afford to…..

    With a payroll in the tens of millions, a variable training cost of a couple million dollars seems reasonable….. unfortunately this will probably never happen.  Good post, coach.


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