Influences and Coaching Trees

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  • Carl Valle
    Carl Valle on #16844

    Who influences you? I am just a guy that listens to many and picks and chooses information and methods I feel are effective. No bias, just information I find works for me. You can learn a lot from many people but I see more and more followers than those trying to be balanced. I will not blog about some trendy business book, but I will share the fact we have too many copycats. I copied workouts an

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    Dylan Hicks on #99499

    Hi Carl

    Just thought i would give you my thoughts on your topic. Just a little background info to set this up, in my teenage years my main sport was basketball, representing my State at an U18/U20 Level as a 5’10 PG, dabbling in Track at HS. I took up Track pretty late around 21yo, but only really started systematic training in 2007 (training 6 days/wk), with current PR’s 7.07, 11.10, 22.99, and I’m still training (+ looking towards coaching) with a squad now at 29yo hoping to improve my PR’s this coming Australian Summer.

    I’m also a Physical Education Teacher at a private College with a Masters in Exercise Science/Strength & Conditioning. When thinking of who influences me in the classroom, on the track, weight room/S&C i look to multiple sources.

    In the classroom i always look to those teachers who my students enjoy being around. This is my 6th year teaching, and even though i feel i have a pretty good hang of the profession, i still consult my elders in the profession to ask them about various ways to get through to the students.

    I am always looking to those people, coaches, teams who are having continual success. As far as my track background, in Adelaide i train with a local coach who has had the most continual success with his athletes in the past decade. He is not the most technically minded coach, but his training methods work and our club and athletes get results. In 2008/09 he had the 3rd quickest girl over 100/200 in Aus and the 4th quickest male 1/4 miler in Aus. However, i also look to other local coaches who have shown continual success including an older gentleman who coaches Little Athletics near my work. Sometimes i will do a session there and bounce ideas off him as i respect the fact this his young kids always do well in the junior nationals.

    Like many of ET or CF, im influenced by C. Francis, Pfaff, Tellez, J Smith, Winckler (The Canadian Coaching Centre Website do a fantastic job posting their podcasts with interviews from these top coaches) – it is so beneficial to hear these coaches talking about their methods rather than just reading about them.

    I also enjoy reading or hearing (reading their books) from successful coaches in other sports (Wooden, Phil Jackson, Coach K). My interest in S&C has steadily increased the last few years and i feel pretty confident suggesting ideas to my track mates for them to try to increase performance in various areas. I dont really have anyone specific to point out in this field but im always reading about those who present continual research in this area (Kraemer, Komi etc)



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