Indoor meets in California?

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    Albert Naugle Gudiño on #17958

    Having trouble finding information on indoor meets (or at least indoor distances) in California. I know the Indoor stuff isn’t particularly big here in the west but there has to be something. I found a few in February but I’m looking for something a bit sooner like December January.

    I need a 60 time as I have yet to run one. I’m 26 so would need to be an “open” or Masters that let anyone participate and of course electronic timing.

    any help is greatly appreciated.

    Vince Collantes on #112158

    The only open indoor meet that I know of in California is Run For The Dream at Fresno State on January 20. They run the 55m and not the 60m I believe though.

    Albert Naugle Gudiño on #112174

    thanks, yea I saw that but I need an official 60 to qualify for my country’s championships that same weekend in Febuary as the fresno meet.

    Looks like I’ll have to do some traveling then. Anything Close to California in january? I havn’t looked at the US track and field site yet so I’ll check that out now.

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