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        My theory on training is that for most sprint and field based sports such as 100m, or rugby, athletes need to maximise their strength and power…. no doubt. And this comes from maximising the neural efficiency of the athlete. Now in regards to hypertrophy, a larger muscle means you can produce more force and is important for sports such as shotput, whereas say 100m sprinting where you need to overcome the weight of your body this is not a good thing. Yes you may build some muscle by lifting heavy, but you should never lift just to build muscle. With that in mind, each sport falls along a continuum of needing muscle in certain muscle groups but also not building too much to decrease relative strength. For example, a rugby union forward may need a lot of muscle to be able to be effective in rucks, scrums, tackles etc, but an AFL player if he built too much muscle would find his performance decreasing as he would be too heavy trying to complete the running that is required in AFL. Lets look at rugby…. a speedy winger will lose a little bit of speed by building muscle, but it can also be handy to have for hitups and tackles. What’s everyones thoughts? I hear people saying size makes you faster and I simply disagree. It makes you produce more force in an absolute sense, but relatively your strength decreases. Love to hear from others. Cheers

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