“How to” question, bullet proofing a hurdler

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        RussZHC on #18494

        Looking for thoughts and suggestions about how to “bullet proof” a hurdler.

        In watching London and the lead up to the Olympics, I can not help but wonder if some very good hurdling careers are not being cut short by injuries.

        Part of what I am wondering…”bouncing” or ballistic stretching has been frowned on in the last decade but could there be some injury prevention benefit for hurdlers specifically?

        Any other event specific injury prevention thoughts? Difference in injuries related to hurdling between the genders?

        As well, how early should event specific injury prevention be started, in terms of athletes age?

        OR am I just over thinking this, it happens all the time but just is more visible due to high level of competition?

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        rcfan2 on #117740

        Russell – I’d be happy if I could slay shin splints with my hurdlers 🙂

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        Derrick Brito on #117745

        Build up volume slowly and don’t give them anything excessive. I think most injuries are preventable.

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