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  • Mike Young
    Mike Young on #17417

    In my last post I shared the slidedeck from my presentation at the Rice Speed Symposium. A couple days ago I was lucky enough to present at another high level seminar. This one was for the coaches of the NY Road Runners Club (the organization responsible for organizing the NY Marathon and various health, running, and fitness related initiatives among other things). Here are my slides from that pre

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    ELITETRACK Founder

    underdog_19 on #106042

    What were you stating in slide 43? I see it as there is a greater change in force during the forefoot strike and could lead to more injury.

    Mike Young
    Mike Young on #106162

    I was pointing out that the initial force spike that’s observed in heel striking is reduced / eliminated with a forefoot strike. I then described how this is commonly cited as one of the primary reasons people should run barefoot or at least become heel strikers. On the following slide though I offered a more balanced look at the issue and pointed out there are many factors to consider before changing someone from a heel striker to a forefoot striker.

    ELITETRACK Founder

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