Hard Boyled and Over Cooked?

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  • Carl Valle
    Carl Valle on #14934

    Due to the large increases of “pleasant” emails and forwarded replies from others to my inbox I will share my thoughts on the current material proposed by Mike Boyle and Gray Cook. Since this is business and I have nothing personally against Mike and Gray I will focus on the information proposed by them in order to keep things fair. Some of Mike’s material is fantastic and I suggest being part

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    Richard777 on #73414

    “In a hockey boot the foot mechanics are changing the muscle recruitment and contractile classification of the muscles involved”

    I went from a hockey boot to a basketball court to an injury to my foot and shoulder. I went to a therapist that helped me understand the complexities of the foot and made it fairly simple. The take-away was three movements to be done daily and or before I play basketball and now soccer and it worked! I play basketball everyday, next up beach volleyball.

    I’m surprised no one has touched on Misty May dancing with the stars and her achilles tendon. She went into plantarflexion and snapped her achilles you can hear it on the video. Gravity, ground reaction and momentum and she’s an elite athlete. Do you think with a little education on the body and the environment this could have been avoided?

    Richard777 on #73420

    Fast forward to 2:00 mins.


    I really have a lot to learn. I can’t see the correlation between the movement on the ice test and the movement off the ice test. And this isn’t some farm team in Oklahoma City, this is the Montreal Canadiens / Les Canadiens de Montréal, Toe Blade, Eddie Shore!

    Mike Young
    Mike Young on #73473

    Boyle and Gray have recently become the boon of the Crossfit community. Like it (crossfit) or not, they raise some legitimate issues against these two in some of their recent comments as well as their radio broadcasts. See the two links below:



    If anyone has a link or the file for Boyle and Gray’s broadcast that actually started this whole soap opera I’d like to hear it. Apparently Boyle removed it from his site.

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