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  • Carl Valle
    Carl Valle on #17852

    One of my favorite athletes, not just track and field, is David Oliver. He is perhaps one of the classiest guys in sport and he is a professional. He is the James Bond of Hurdles and his blog is just a treat to read. I am delayed with the GPP cycles as most teams have started up training, but I am going to finish that off this weekend as I have an athlete from out of town getting tested and assess

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    Matt Morsia on #110901

    what a legend. had no idea about all the injury issues he’s had this year. fair play to him for just getting on with it

    Josh Hurlebaus on #110910

    Read his post last night after he posted the link on twitter. Its lengthy but a damn good read.

    I was fairly intrigued by his 5 on 1 completely off week program design.

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