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  • Carl Valle
    Carl Valle on #14928

    Gait analysis? We have gurus that claim they know but look at their youtube videos of their athletes walking around like Frankenstein and the zombies from the thriller video. Looking at gait doesn’t require an extensive training background (it helps a lot) but a program that incorporates the appropriate time to do this. If you are doing Mobility warm-ups you are not walking. Walking is a daily sc

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    Rich Tolman(mr-glove) on #72879

    Guy Drut!

    I think the last time I saw this was 1995 Level II w/ Loren Seagrave.

    Daniel Andrews on #73291

    What exactly was your purpose of the you tube video? I don’t mind leaving people to observe and come to their own conclusion, but this post left me wanting more.

    Drut was using very a dynamic warm-up in the 1970s. He was using very nearly ballastic stretches (I am a fan). His movement patterns were excellent. In fact, I am downloading the mp4 version of the video to use for visual modeling for hurdles. Why is it we regressed in the 80’s till today to using static stretches as a warm up? Despite it’s old school feel, it felt new, fresh, and reassuring. Although I don’t see a correlation in the video to screening.

    Mike Young
    Mike Young on #73472

    Most of the gait analyses I’ve seen are a complete and total joke. I’ve talked with some practitioners and ask them what they do for their ‘biomechanical gait analysis’ and they’ll show me a consumer grade (30 fps) camera hooked up to dartfish being put to use by an athletic trainer or physical therapist and I have contain my self from laughing or showing disgust for their complete bastardization of what a real gait analysis should be. Do you need 1,000 fps cameras and 3d motion analysis…probably not but to think you can do anything of great ‘biomechanical’ value with a 30fps analyzing video with what is essentially a glofied video editor by untrained personel it disgusts me. As a business operator that actually offers true gait analysis, it makes it very hard to differentiate from these clowns when they’re calling their pseduo-science the same thing I’m doing.

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