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    Chad Williams on #14400

    In a prior blog, I talked about tapering for conference and I figured I would follow up with some insight. I saw a lot of good things happen and of course there were a few rough times. Yet, in my prior years of coaching, I have never had a meet where so many athletes competed up to their capabilities. Whether it was the taper, the environment, my athletes or something else, they competed well. As

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    hscoach on #68780

    congrats and it sounds like you have some great chemistry at work!

    coachformerlyknownas on #68782

    I remember your TCNJ Decath days. Your athletes have a good man at the head.
    Anyone who can survive JJ’s learning the trade days, is a winner!
    My best to Coach Amy.


    Chad Williams on #68800

    HS – Thanks, they are good kids and listen well.

    Coach – Thanks and although JJ was trade learning his first year, he definitely taught us, me, and everyone a whole lot.

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