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  • Vern Gambetta
    Vern Gambetta on #13224

    Some of the comments on squatting are absurd. The squat is a basic foundational exercise that is the cornerstone of any sound strength training program. It is not a ¼ squat it is a full squat – that is a snapshot of the whole movement. In my estimation this young lady has acceptable technique for where she is in her development. As far as getting under a bar – that is the muscle

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    Nick Newman
    Nick Newman on #71100

    Is this saying 1/4 squats shouldnt be used? and what does it mean how much strength you can use? how do you know how much you can use?

    Mike Young
    Mike Young on #65527

    I don't want to speak for Vern but I know he isn't a huge advocate of what many people would consider maximal strength work. Among other things he feels there isn't a big carry over to athletic performance.

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