GAIN 2011 Highlights

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  • Carl Valle
    Carl Valle on #17610

    I spent 6 days in Houston learning and interacting with some great attendees, an experience that I will share in a pdf download later this week. With professionals from the EPL, NBA, Rugby, International Sports Institutes, D1 NCAA strength and conditioning, and private practices, it was a very strong group. To summarize the experience it was learning intensive and and contemporary. Some speakers l

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    J Kilgore on #108792


    Can you expand on how you were challenged on speed reserve?

    Carl Valle
    Carl Valle on #108793

    I use to think various types of conditioning would support the speed decay from fatigue. I don’t know if that is the right research or training theory. I will expand but the main question is what is working? I wish it was that simple that all you needed to do was get fast and do some tempo. What is optimal is very unique to the program but it’s interesting to see what mix of total work done and phases of training influence the ability to repeat speed. I will share more later as I don’t know what is the main variable but doing 30 second rest intervals for endurance during RSA is not the sole solution. I think you get plenty of incomplete recovery in practice….

    J Kilgore on #108834

    What recommendations or options were given by Radcliffe and others at GAIN? Since this is more geared towards team sports, do you think that the actual practices and work done directly for the sport would take care of much of that training if other speed and work capacity are in the program?

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