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  • Carl Valle
    Carl Valle on #15358

    Note: This story was brought to my attention from the wafflehouse incident at the USATF School in Asheville- Lynn Smith who I met once is a story that I will be sharing every year with my track athletes. Never ever give up.On Friday morning, Smith was in the front row at the Bird’s Nest, the mammoth main stadium, coaching Fountain. It was his second Olympics experience. His first one, 12 years ag

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    coachformerlyknownas on #78010

    Had the honor of being a small part (large in mass, small in contribution) of the great Waffle House Symposium, and thus was a part of breaking the “No Man Left Behind” creed.

    To explain, a select group had gotten pretty hungry having spent all their energy exposing drug cheats and solving all the sport’s problems. The answer was to find the nearest Waffle House (we were in rural NC) The examples of shear genius continued through the meal but the hour (2 am or so) found our collective counting skills somewhat lacking and the now icon, Lynn Smith was left behind to face the choice of a 10 mile forced march or the near impossible task of finding (let alone paying for) a can ride back to Track Nirvana.

    The bonds formed that night live on. The honorable Mr Smith met his muse (or is it the other way around) almost 4 years ago in Boston. That fatefull meeting almost didnt happen as Mrs CFKA was getting ready to leave Coach, overcome by Mr Smith’s good looks and endless charm. For those of you yet to meet him, Mr Smith is an amalgam of Denzel & the late Mr Rogers. Women swoon over him, a reality I observe 3 to 4 times a year as “wingman to the star”
    Seriously, Lynn is both outstanding coach and even better man. Lousy driver & GPS operator but even Superman had Kryptonite…

    For more, I will defer to my fellow Waffle House posse. Or you can hollar direct to Mt Olympus (board member Otn4)

    Mike Young
    Mike Young on #78019

    Wow. Nice read. I’ve known Lynn for some and I had no idea about this. I’d concur with Dave’s statements about Lynn. He’s a prime example of ‘the cream always rises to the top.’ I say this because much like some of the other posters on this board who are not necessarily working at ‘big time’ institutions and getting the ‘big time’ athletes on a regular basis, they are recognized as leaders in their field, produce the best with what they have, and are roundly respected by their peers. I would say if I was Mrs CFKA I’d be a little concerned about how easily my husband swoons over another man.

    As a side note, for those of you who followed the video postings I made of Dan Pfaff’s Las Vegas NPEP series, it was Lynn who graciously let me use his camera to do it after I forgot to bring the charger for my own.

    ELITETRACK Founder

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