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    Mike Wazowski on #207322

    Going to do a few  track meets this summer (state games) and possibly do winter track next fall/spring.

    Thinking about doing bobsled/skeleton combine as well this summer…we’ll see

    A little background: Played an endurance-oriented sport (soccer) for my entire life, stopped recently.

    Height: 6’0, 1.82 m

    Wt: 95kg, 210lbs

    standing Vert: 37

    Age: 22

    Full Squat PRs: 325×5

    DL: 495×1

    Back when I was playing soccer I weighted 185, 190ish, standing vert was 35.5, 40 was high 4.5 ht, was really weak back then (bs 245×3) but had a decent power clean for my strength (225)



    Mike Wazowski on #207323

    I recently picked up a freelap timing system but i live up in north jersey and so will wait a month or snow for the snow to leave before going away. I have a home made sled (tire) as well and a 18lb shot for throwing.

    I am working towards the 8/2 bobsled/skeleton combine, so that gives me 23 weeks of training. I’d say I have a pretty high tolerance for volume (thanks to all the hours spent training in soccer). My tentative plan is as follows:

    Tues, Thurs, Sat: AM: Lower  Body weights, PM: sprints, jumps, throws

    Wed, Fri, Sun: AM: Upper body weights (not cns intensive, high reps, bodybuilding stuff), PM: tempo


    My lift sessions are pretty quick, low volume,  I rarely am in the gym for longer than an hour.

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