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      • Vern Gambetta
        Vern Gambetta on #14997

        I have been privileged to work closely with Finis on the development of their latest product- The Circuit Trainer. This is a perfect coaching tool for use in the weight room, in the gym and on the field to set times for segments of workout to help manage your training sessions and to conduct time based circuit training workouts. It is small, battery operated and LOUD if you want to set the

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      • Avatar
        mortac8 on #73971

        $180 for a timer? how about a $15 Casio from Walmart.

      • Mike Young
        Mike Young on #74007

        $180 for a timer? how about a $15 Casio from Walmart.

        I actually thought the same thing. I was expecting something around $70-90. The fact that it has a loud horn and some other options are nice but how in the world could that thing be worth that much.

        ELITETRACK Founder

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