Financial Scandal Erupts at USATF

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  • Mike Young
    Mike Young on #14812

    Yesterday, the following transcript of Lynn Cannon’s remarks was posted on the USATF Associations listserve on Yahoo Groups. For those on the ‘inside’ this isn’t new news, but it’s still shocking as more and more enters the public domain. Following is the text of comments made at the USATF Association Workshop on August 23, 2008. Many attendees offered thanks for these comments and several as

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    Mike Young
    Mike Young on #71844

    From Michael Roth on the same listserv:

    The question is not so much what we are going to do, or what structure we are going to have. The proposal as I have read and understood it, is a pretty decent compromise.

    The real issue is the leaders who will fill these seats. Right now, our leaders, the ones who call the shots in regard to how money is spend & who gets to spend it, are corrupt & incomptent. this is nothing new. It has been going on for over 30 years now. You can pretty much follow the trail of bad leadership right to the beginnings of the AAU. Same old song & dance, only the names have changed.

    If we are to become a great organization, we need great leaders at every level. This means getting rid of everyone who stinks up the joint. We need selfless leaders who do the right things for the right reasons. Currently, we have very few of these people in positions of any real importance.

    You can twist this restructuring any which way you choose. Until we excise the cancerous leaders from USATF there is exactly ZERO chance that we will ever be more than the mediocre organization that we are today. We will never field the teams we can. We will never be a top tier sport in the eyes of the public &/or the media. We will continue to fight these same stupid battles every year. We will continue to flounder for sponsorships, facility access, volunteers & officials, post collegiate athletes, etc.

    Until the majority of the voting delegates, who are from associations, youth, masters, ldr & officials, pull their freaking heads out of the sand and actually get together to end this shell game by collectively expressing their will to those who think they reside on Mt Olympus, we will remain an ineffective joke of an organization that frustrates the people who care most about this sport to the point where they same “F this crap” and quit, never to return.

    This message is for every member of this listserve who read these messages, never replies, and takes even less action in affecting change. This is your last chance before the sport is completely out of your hands. The proposal is a good one. The “leaders” who are tyring to remain in control are not. If you allow them to remain in charge, you have written the USATF eulogy “Died Because Of Apathy”, as you will never again have any chance to direct the future of this sport. You will never again see the local support you need, nor will you have the ability to ask for it.

    If real leaders are not put into place, kiss it all goodbye.


    ELITETRACK Founder

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