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  • Vern Gambetta
    Vern Gambetta on #15627

    I spend this past Tuesday at SMU in Dallas meeting with Peter Weyand, Ralph Mann and Peter Vint. This was originally going to be the day of the first annual SMU Speed Symposium that was canceled due to some administrative and logistical considerations. The idea of the meeting was to brainstorm about a future conference and talk about potential future research ideas on all aspects of speed. Just th

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    John Talley on #81888

    If nothing else, you’ve got the “magic conference word” SPEED so it will be well attended. Put the symposium’s intended curriculum into USATF Coaches’ Ed. terms: is this a Level I, II, or III gathering? Or, will the topics range in complexity to fit a varied audience?
    Are you considering sports/event specificity or movement dynamics?
    Will there also be sessions to include ball sports? (SMU is in TEXAS)

    Mike Young
    Mike Young on #81954

    Hey John! Good to see you on board.

    Vern never posts here so I’ll take the liberty of answering for him since I’d spoke to Dr. Weyand about the conference. The session is intended to be high level…probably along the lines of a level 3 in USATF coaches ed terms.

    I think it was originally aimed at track and field but they may open it up.

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