ExRower’s 400m Training: Road to Sub-50

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    ExRower on #108015

    May 15: Strength

    800m warmup on treadmill
    Leg swings

    power cleans: 3×95, 3×135, 2×155, 2×165, 2×175, 1×185, 2×185, 2×185
    deadlifts: 5×185, 5×225, 5×255, 5×275
    standing DB military press: 5x40s, 5x50s, 5x50s, 5x55s
    DB bent over row: 6x50s, 3x6x60s
    SL RDLs, each side: 6xbw, 6x w/ 40lb DB
    hip thrusts, abs, roman chair

    No access to track or fields today but glad to get a good lift in. Didn’t feel especially quick but felt strong.

    ExRower on #108092

    May 16: Recovery

    10′ elliptical
    10′ stationary bike
    static stretch

    May 17: Special Endurance

    20′ warmup
    3×300 w/ 5′ rest: 37 (oops), 40, 41
    800m jog/skip cooldown

    Pleased with this workout. Targets were 40s on all reps and accidentally took it out too fast but no hamstring issues. The most painful part, of course, was 5′ after the last rep ended and I had to hobble around for a while before starting the cooldown.

    Matt Norquist on #108106

    You’re making nice progress. I think you are on your “road to sub-50”.

    ExRower on #108140

    Thanks, Matt. I certainly hope so. It’s such a perfect round number to shoot for and I’ll be satisfied if that is my peak athletic achievement (if I never dunk a basketball or bench 300 pounds, I’ll be happy to look back and say I broke 50).

    May 18: Plyos + Strength

    ~18′ warmup
    3 rounds of: 10 squat jumps, 10 tuck jumps, 10 clap pushups, 10-step skip for distance

    power cleans: 3×115, 2×135, 2×155, 2×175, 2×185, 1.5×190
    deadlifts: 3×190, 3×225, 3×255, 3×275, 1-pause-1 x 295
    incline DB bench: 3×60, 3×70, 3×75, 5×80
    superset of the following:
    a) hammer-grip seated row: 6×150, 2x6x175
    b) lying leg curl: 6×100, 6×140, 5×170

    ExRower on #108164

    May 19: Extensive Tempo

    18′ warmup
    10x200m in 31-32s w/ 90s rest
    800m cooldown
    static stretch

    HR peaked at 179.

    COV-GOD on #108167

    your 300 session is very good, some good stuff there, couple more like that and your on?

    Incidently, how fast can you run 150

    ExRower on #108168

    For a 150 I did a 16.8 or 16.9 recently towards the end of a workout. It was self timed, possibly with a 1 step walk in up to the line but I can’t remember.

    I would probably consider speed my natural weakness.

    ExRower on #108169

    By the way what do you think of workouts like this:

    300 in low 40s
    1′ rest
    Nearly all out 100m

    10′ rest then repeat

    I’m only hesitant because I dont want to blow out the hamstring.

    ExRower on #108231

    May 20: Off

    May 21: Wedding Day/Hotel Shake-out

    treadmill: 5′ warmup jog then 5 x 45s at 12.0mph, 1′ off (2% incline)
    2 rounds of the following:
    10 pullups, 10 reps DB bench w/ 60s, 8 step-ups each leg w/ 40s, 8 rep roman chair extensions
    5′ elliptical cooldown

    In total, about 30 minutes — a nice boost of energy in the afternoon before a fantastic evening.

    May 22: Off

    May 23: Accel/Short Speed End + Strength

    25′ warmup
    20m, 30, 45, 60, 60, 60 from 4pt stance, all with 1′ rest per 10m
    800m jog/skip cooldown

    -20 minutes rest-
    Apartment gym lift
    step-up jumps, alternating: 10 x bw, 10 x +15s, 10 x +25s
    DB half-squat jumps: 6x15s, 6x25s, 6x30s
    superset 1:
    a)clap pushups: 3×10
    b)SL RDLs, each side: 6xbw, 6x25s, 6x35s
    hammer-grip lat pulldown: 6×120, 6×160, 6×180
    reverse lunge w/ DBs, each side: 6x35s, 2x6x50s
    superset 2:
    a) lying leg curls: 6×100, 2x6x120 (new machine, felt more like 150)
    b) standing curl-press: 6x35s, 2x6x40s

    Good workout today. I’ll try a bit more volume for the running portion next time. I might do this type of lift for the next month as I don’t have gym access; plus it makes for a nice opportunity to focus on faster reps as I get ready for competition.

    ExRower on #108254

    May 24: Pre-Meet

    25′ warmup
    2x20m starts on curve w/ 2′ rest
    100m on curve: 20m all out from 4pt stance, then settle
    4-5′ rest
    100m w/ flying start in 11.30
    800m cooldown
    static stretch

    The flying 100m was relaxed and at most 95% so I’m pleased with the time. I’ve decided to try a meet tomorrow night without any taper in order to shake some dust off.

    ExRower on #108285

    May 25: Race

    50.6 was the average of two hand times.

    Happy for another PR. Conditions were great…no wind and mid 80s. About an hour from start if warm up until race time, longer than expected so just tried to keep doing short strides and skips every few minutes. Legs still a bit sore from Monday, not sure I’d this had any effect.

    I’m going to give it another shot in 2 weeks and then close the book. I will try to get in 6 quality sessions before then, maybe 2 of each: maxv, speed end, special end and ease off the last few days.

    ExRower on #108294

    May 26: Recovery — 20′ on elliptical + static stretch

    May 27: Special Endurance + Strength

    26′ warmup
    3x300m in 40, 39, 39 w/ 5′ rest
    800m jog/skip cooldown

    -20 minutes rest-

    lunge jumps: 10xbw, 10x+15s, 10x+15s
    3×6 SL RDLs each leg: 20s, 30s, 30s
    bench machine: 6×130, 6×170, 6×190
    lat pulldown: 6×130, 6×160, 6×180
    step-ups, 6 reps each leg: 25s, 40s, 50s
    swiss-ball hamstring curl: 3×8 each leg
    8-rep lateral raises, one of each: side, front, rear
    20 hanging straight leg raises

    Focused on properly pacing the 300s, and I feel like I’m getting a good handle on that speed.

    ExRower on #108349

    May 28: Recovery

    20′ on elliptical
    static stretch

    May 29: MaxV + Plyos

    30′ warmup
    6x30m fly w/ 20-25m run in, 5′ rest

    3 rounds of plyos: 10-step skip for distance, 10-step bounding run, 10 tuck jump, 10 clap pushups

    800m cooldown

    Felt strong.

    ExRower on #108378

    May 30: Off

    May 31: Special Endurance + Strength

    29′ warmup
    300 in 36.hi
    8′ rest
    200 in 24.mid
    8′ rest
    200 in 24.mid
    2:30 jog cooldown+walk

    30 minutes rest, then lift:
    superset 1:
    a)half-squat jumps with DBs: 3×6 w/ 20s
    b)clap pushups: 3×10
    superset 2:
    a) reverse lunge with DBs, each leg: 5x+35s, 2x5x+50s
    b) SL RDL with DBs, each leg: 6x+20s, 2x6x+35s
    c) hammer grip pulldown: 6×150, 6×180, 6×190
    superset 3:
    a) lying hamstring curl: 6×100, 6×120, 6×130
    b) standing hammer-curl+press: 6x40s, 2x4x45s

    I was hoping for closer to 12.0/100m pace on the runs, but didn’t have it. Temp was in the high 80s and this made the workout especially exhausting…I was sweating buckets from the beginning of the warmup. HR was 180 after 1 lap of cooldown jogging so I shut it down there.

    ExRower on #108434

    June 1: Recovery

    10′ elliptical
    10′ bike
    static stretch

    June 2: Speed Endurance + Plyos

    30′ warmup + 20m practice start
    60, 60, 90, 120 with 1′ recovery per 10m (120m was run in 13.59 from falling start)

    3 Rounds of plyos: 10-step skip for distance, 10-step bounding run, 10 tuck jumps, 10 clap pushups

    800m cooldown

    Felt strong but a little heavy.

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