ExRower’s 400m Training: Road to Sub-50

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    ExRower on #107435

    Apr. 17, 2011: off

    Apr. 18, 2011: Extensive Tempo

    15′ warmup
    10 x 200m in 32 with 90s rest
    400m cooldown

    Hamstrings were fine for this, we’ll see what kind of speed work I can get in tomorrow.

    ExRower on #107456

    Apr. 19, 2011: Acceleration + Strength

    21′ warmup
    10x20m starts w/ 2′ rest

    power cleans: 3×95, 3×135, 3×155, 3×165, 2.5×175, 3×175
    incline BB bench: 4×135, 4×165, 3x4x185
    single leg squats, each leg: 5xbw, 5x+10lbs, 5x+25lbs
    superset of the following:
    a) underhand seated row: 5×150, 3x5x175
    b) 3×10 tuck jumps

    Okay day. Again modified to reduce hamstring stress. Did not feel especially strong or quick but was glad to get the work in without hamstring problems.

    ExRower on #107530

    Apr. 20: Recovery Day
    10′ on stationary bike
    5 x 1′ run (10mph), 1′ walk on treadmill

    Apr. 21: Accel + Plyos
    20′ warmup
    3x(2x20m) on indoor track with 30s between reps, 4′ between sets
    3 rounds of: 10 squat jumps, 10 lunge jumps, 10 tuck jumps, 10 clap pushups (30-60s rest between everything)
    800m cooldown
    Comments: Hamstring tightened up on 3rd set of 20s so I pulled the plug on that.

    Apr. 22: Recovery Day
    20′ on stationary bike
    5′ of bodyweight exercises

    Apr. 23: Extensive Tempo
    12′ warmup
    2x10x100m in 15.5s w/ 45s rest and 2:30 between sets; done barefoot on wet grass
    800m barefoot cooldown

    Pleased with today’s extensive tempo, it felt very comfortable and the HR only went above 170 on the last two.

    ExRower on #107559

    Apr. 24. 2011: Mixed Accel Day

    22′ warmup
    Accelerations: 20m, 20m, 25m, 25m, 30m with 1′ rest per 10m
    3 x Stair runs: up 12, down 6 for 40-45s, 2′ rest
    Plyos – two rounds of the following:
    10 x squat jumps, 10 x lunge jumps, 10 x tuck jumps, 10 x clap pushups, 10-step skip for height, 10-step skip for distance

    No access to weightroom today but this was a great mixed workout and actually a pretty fun day. The hamstring felt good but I cut the accelerations off to be conservative.

    3 mile brisk trail walk in the evening.

    ExRower on #107586

    Apr. 25, 2011: Off

    Apr. 26, 2011: MaxV + Strength

    21′ warmup
    6x30m fly with 25m run in, 5′ rest

    4-rep squats: 135, 185, 225, 245, 265, 275, 285
    superset of:
    a) incline DB bench: 4x50s, 4×65, 4×75, 5×75, 5×75
    b) DB RDLs: 4 sets of 5x60lbs each hand
    single-arm DB bent-over row: 5×50, 2x5x65
    lateral raises w/ 15s

    Great day today. No hamstring issues so I re-introduced RDLs. The squats were a little shaky at first and my hip flexor was feeling tight at the bottom of each rep, but nothing serious.

    ExRower on #107630

    Apr. 27, 2011: Recovery

    20′ on elliptical
    static stretch

    Apr. 28, 2011: Intensive/Extensive Tempo mix

    21′ warmup
    8x200m in 28-29s w/ 2′ rest
    5:30 rest
    8x100m in 16-17s starting every minute
    3′ rest
    800m cooldown (roughly 8′ mile pace)

    Good workout today, but it was tougher than I expected. I consider this “refreshing the base” before I attempt to throw in speed endurance again. HR peaked at 182 but was in the mid-170s throughout the 100s and the cooldown. Quads sore from Tuesday.

    ExRower on #107660

    Apr. 29, 2011: Recovery

    10′ on elliptical
    10′ on stationary bike
    5′ of step-ups, good mornings, and pushups

    Apr. 30, 2011: Speed + Strength

    full warmup
    5x60m from 4pt stance (no watch but counted approx 5-6min rest)

    power cleans: 3×95, 3×135, 2×155, 2×165, 2×175, 2×185
    deadlifts: 5×185, 3x5x225
    superset of the following:
    a) weighted underhand pullups: 5xbw, 3x5x+45lbs
    b) standing DB military press: 5×40, 3×50, 3×55, 4×55

    The running portion was excellent. Power cleans felt awkward and it’s been a while since the last time I did them. Took it easy on deadlifts since it’s been several weeks.

    Hamstrings feel 100%. Hip flexor is totally fine while running but I feel it at the bottom of a squat.

    ExRower on #107713

    May 1, 2011: Extensive Tempo

    17′ warmup
    10x200m in 32s with 1:30 rest
    800m cooldown

    HR creeping up towards the end, finished at 181, but was beginning most of the intervals in the 140s, 150s.

    ExRower on #107769

    May 2, 2011: Off

    May 3, 2011: MaxV + Strength

    23′ warmup
    6xflying 30s w/ 25m run in, 5′ rest

    power cleans: 2×135, 2×155, 2×165, 2×175, 2×185, 1×190, 1×195, 1×200 (PR)
    super set of the following:
    a) incline DB bench: 4x50s, 3x70s, 3x75s, miss at 80s, 7x75s
    b) DB lunges, each side (alternating): 5x40s, 5x50s, 2x5x60s
    one round of: hip thrusts, front/side/bentover lateral raises, SL good mornings

    Running felt good. Hip flexors were way too tight when I tried to squat so I did power cleans instead … excited to break into the 200s for the first time.

    ExRower on #107814

    May 4, 2011: Recovery Day

    10′ elliptical
    10′ stationary bike

    May 5, 2011: Speed Endurance

    20′ warmup
    5x150m from falling start with 4:30 slow walk recovery: 18 low, 17 mid, 17 mid, 17 hi, 18 low

    Strained hamstring again on the 2nd to last stride of the workout. Luckily I was done with the running at that point but I wanted to do some plyos and cooldown afterwards, which I scrapped.

    This is really frustrating and it’s clear that I can’t do speed endurance, or that I’m doing it with too high of volume / too soon.

    If I do any racing this summer, it will probably have to be off of short speed and tempo workouts.

    ExRower on #107873

    May 6: Easy

    20′ fartlek on stationary bike: 2 min easy, 1 min hard
    3 rounds of step ups, pushups, and curl-press

    May 7: Off

    May 8: Plyos + Strength

    800m warmup + skips & marches
    3 rounds of plyos: 10 squat jumps, 10 tuck jumps, 10 clap pushups

    Squat: 5×135, 5×225, 5×245, 5×265, 5×275
    DB flat bench: 5x60s, 5x75s, 5x80s, 6x85s
    step ups: 3 sets of 5 on each leg w/ 35lb DBs
    seated row: 10×137.5, 8×150, 10×150
    5×36′ box jumps

    Hamstring too tender to do anything other than jog and skip on the track. Lift felt okay but hip flexors are seriously sore when I squat.

    COV-GOD on #107881

    bad news bout the hammy, been there way too many times over the years.

    From looking at your training, I like the amount of acc work your doing (not really sure how much this is gonna cross over to a full 400 race though) but think you need to spend more time in the ‘middle’ zone at this stage of the season in readiness.

    I think it shows you have very little fatigue resistance at speed, and some thing like a few sessions nsuch as 3 300ms with 5 min rec aiming for 40sec would be good, its not fast enough to pull but enough to create fatigue and a bucket of lactic.

    Just thoughs!

    when is your first 400 race?

    ExRower on #107903

    Cov-God, thanks for the suggestion. I agree it’s time to get into the middle zone, i.e., special endurance. I will have to be creative over the next few weeks as I will be dealing with, at various times: track closed for graduation ceremonies, getting married, and possibly not having full weightroom access.

    Here’s a recap of the last two days:

    May 9: Intensive/Extensive Tempo blend on stationary bike

    (10′ walk before and after workouts)
    4′ on bike with a couple buildups
    3 x 45s + 1 x 30s at resistance 22-25 (max is 25), 110-120 RPMs, 2:30 rest between each
    5′ active recovery
    5x30s moderately fast, 1:30 easy (level 15, 105-110 RPMs for intervals)
    short bike cooldown

    Hamstring was fine for the bike. Did plenty of RICE, heating, foam rolling later on.

    May 10: Extensive Tempo

    15′ warmup on indoor track working up to 75% builds and dynamic stretches
    2 x 40s at 10, 12 mph w/ 1′ rest
    6 x 60s at 12 mph w/ 1′ rest
    800m cooldown

    Again this felt good and got a good aerobic stimulus. HR maxed at 190.

    ExRower on #107967

    May 11: Recovery

    20′ on elliptical
    3 rounds of step-ups and good mornings

    May 12: Plyos + Strength

    18′ warmup indoors (2 builds to about 75-80%)
    3 rounds of the following:
    10 squat jumps, 10 lunge jumps, 10 tuck jumps, 10 clap pushups

    Power Cleans: 95×5, 135×3, 155×3, 175×3, 175×2, 175×3
    Deadlifts: 175×5, 225×5, 255×5
    DB incline bench: 4x60s, 4x75s, 4x80s, miss at 85, miss at 80
    Weighted underhand pullups: 6xbw, 6x+45lbs, 6x+55, 5x+55
    SL good mornings, each side: 8xbw, 2x8x+35lbs

    May 13: Off

    Hamstrings are sore today in the right way…the general DOMS soreness and not feeling torn. May try to get in a trail walk if weather permits.

    ExRower on #107990

    May 14: Extensive Tempo

    18′ warmup
    2x10x100m on wet grass in 16s w/ 44s rest, 3′ between sets
    800m cooldown

    HR got up to 181 at the end but the legs felt good.

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