ExRower’s 400m Training: Road to Sub-50

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    ExRower on #105541

    Feb. 16, 2011: Recovery Day

    3.1mi fartlek run outside in 22:30: 2′ easy, 1′ hard
    5′ elliptical cooldown

    Legs felt like crap towards the end of this and HR maxed out at 182. Sleep has been good though.

    ExRower on #105573

    Feb. 17, 2011: Extensive Tempo day

    19′ warmup
    4x300m w/ 1:30 rest at 48s/300 pace
    4′ rest
    300-300-300-200 w/ 1:30 rest at 49s/300 avg pace
    4′ rest
    300-300-200-200 w/ 1:30 rest at 49s/300 avg pace
    800m cooldown

    This wasn’t easy. I had originally planned to do 3x4x300m, all at 48s pace (2 weeks ago I did a similar workout but slightly slower and with more rest). But midway through the second set I decided to shorten the distance in order to keep form and stay under 50s/300m pace.

    HR peaked at 184.

    ExRower on #105624

    Feb. 18, 2011: Recovery Day

    15′ on elliptical
    10′ bodyweight circuit
    5′ walk

    Comments: The elliptical is convenient and low-impact but I may soon switch it out for the pool on recovery days. Also, insatiable appetite today for some reason.

    Feb. 19, 2011: Speed + Strength Day

    21′ warmup
    6 x flying 30m with 25m or so lead in, 5′ rest in between

    power cleans: 3×95, 3×135, 3×155, 2×175, 1×185
    deadlifts: 4×225, 4×265, 4×285, 3×295
    weighted underhand pullups: 3 x 8 w/ 35lbs
    superset of:
    a. standing DB military press: 6×45, 6×50, 5+1×50 (last rep push-press)
    b. lying hamstring curls: 10×120, 2x6x150

    Can’t complain about anything today.

    ExRower on #105650

    Feb. 20, 2011: Long-rep Extensive Tempo Day

    17′ warmup
    400-400-400 at 67-66-66
    4′ rest
    400-300-300 at 68-51-51
    4′ rest
    400-300-300 at 68-51-51
    800m cooldown

    2′ rest between reps. Originally hoped for all 400s but that wasn’t happening. Felt some quad/butt-locking towards the end of this workout and had to limp around for a few minutes before I could start the cooldown.

    This begins my 7th week of a 12-week prep phase and over the next 6 weeks I will be transitioning from quantity to quality.

    Any comments on my training plan would be welcome…here’s my current weekly outline:

    S: Extensive Tempo
    M: Off
    T: Accel + Lift, going from 30m to 60m reps
    W: Recovery run or circuit
    T: Extensive Tempo -> Intensive Tempo
    F: Recovery run or circuit
    S: MaxV + Lift, going from flying 30m to 60m

    After 6 weeks, when pre-comp phase begins, I plan to make Sunday a mixed day of IT/SpecEnd and ET day, and replace Thursday with speed endurance. Would it make sense to go back to 30m accel and MaxV reps at that time and rebuild again?

    For recovery days I’ve been doing a lot of 3mi fartlek runs which aren’t very fun and actually seem to add fatigue, so I may switch them with the pool or easy 100s.

    ExRower on #105706

    Feb. 21, 2011: Off

    Feb. 22, 2011: Accel + Strength Day

    18′ warmup
    7x35m accelerations w/ 3.5′ rest (spikes, 4pt stance, no blocks)

    Single-arm DB hang snatch, each side: 3×30, 3×50, 2×60, 2×70, 2×75, 2×80 (PR)
    4-rep squats: 135, 225, 265, 270, 275, 280 (PR)
    Superset of the following:
    a) DB flat bench: 4×60, 4×75, 4×85, 4×85, 5×85
    b) 6-rep DB RDLs: 75s, 90s, 95s, 100s
    Single-arm DB Bent-over row, each side: 8×60, 2x6x75
    Roman Chair: 2×8 with bodyweight

    Pleased with the new PRs today, and felt like I had extra power in the accelerations too. Gained a couple pounds over the last week, up to around 185, probably water weight from starting creatine.

    If anyone is in the mood for a specific training strategy question, I posted a question in the Training Theory forum.

    ExRower on #105760

    Feb. 23, 2011: Recovery Tempo

    800m warmup + leg-swings
    2x10x100m in 17s w/ 33s rest, 90s between sets
    800m cooldown

    Feeling the soreness in the legs and lower back from yesterday.

    ExRower on #105791

    Feb. 24, 2011: Extensive Tempo

    16′ warmup
    600 in 1:45, 400 walk recovery
    500 in 1:23, 400 walk recovery
    400 in 65s, 300 walk recovery
    300 in 47s, 300 walk recovery
    200 in 30s
    800m jog/skip cooldown
    3 rounds of pushups and abs

    This workout was taken from https://speedendurance.com/2009/04/05/400-800-meter-training-workouts-the-beakdown/. The target paces were 34s/200 on the 600, 33s/200 on the 500, on down to 30s for the final 200. I intended to take 400 walk recovery after the 400 and accidentally cut it short by 100. Good amount of lactic acid by the end of this workout. HR peaked at 184, probably after the 300.

    ExRower on #105874

    Feb. 25, 2011: Recovery Day

    15′ jog
    5′ on elliptical
    bodyweight hamstring exercises
    static stretch

    Legs felt tight, heavy, and tired. I have exams next week, so it will be a convenient week to reduce volume.

    ExRower on #105911

    Feb. 26, 2011: Strength Day

    5′ warmup on C2 rower
    2 x buildup to Max Watts (782, 802 — Watch out, Matt!)
    power cleans: 4×95, 4×135, 2×165, 2×175, miss at 185
    deadlifts: 4×185, 4×225, 4×275, 2×295, 2×305
    underhand pullups: 3×6 w/ 45lbs
    standing DB military press: 6x45s, 5x50s, 3+1x55s (last rep push press)
    hamstrings curls: 10 each side on swiss ball, 8x140lbs on machine (lying down)
    clap-pushups: 12,10
    step-ups: 10 each side

    Disappointed with power cleans, felt slow and weak. Also, between not having straps and not being able to drop the weights, its difficult to do 2 or more reps at once. Happy with deadlifts though.

    Lower back is sore.

    ExRower on #105942

    Feb. 27, 2011: Extensive Tempo

    14′ warmup
    3x5x200m in 32s w/ 75s rest, 3′ between sets
    800m cooldown

    HR maxed at 177 at the end. Felt good.

    ExRower on #106015

    Feb. 28, 2011: Off

    Mar. 1, 2011: Accel + Lift

    21′ warmup
    7x40m starts w/ 4′ rest

    squats: 5×135, 5×185, 3×225, 3×255, 2×275, 2×285, 2×295, 1×300, 1×305 (PR)
    DB flat bench: 5x55s, 3x70s, 3x80s, 2x90s, 2x95s (PR)
    superset of:
    a) seated row, wide-grip: 3×6 at 125, 150, 162.5
    b) SL RDL, each side: 6×40, 6×50, 6×60

    The most I had squatted before this workout was 4×280 (last week), so the last 4 sets were all PRs in a sense. The next two days I have exams, so I will go pretty light but Friday I will try and do a 400m time trial.

    ExRower on #106040

    Mar. 2, 2011: Recovery Day

    15′ on elliptical
    5′ on treadmill
    static stretch

    ExRower on #106073

    Mar. 3, 2011: Pre-Meet/Tune-up

    22′ warmup complete with dynamic stretches and MaxV builds

    2x20m starts on curve w/ 2′ rest

    practice 1st 100m on curve: 30-40m hard accel then relax: sub 12.5s
    3′ rest
    practice 2nd 100m on straight, rolling start: 12.17s

    I’ll take the times with a grain of salt, but these felt easy and were right around the pace I’d open in right now.

    Tomorrow I’m doing a 400m time trial, shooting for 52.5, (25.5-27 or something like that).

    ExRower on #106093

    Mar. 4, 2011: Time Trial Day

    25′ warmup

    400m time trial in 51.08, new PR!

    15′ rest
    5x200m at 38, 38, 34, 34, 34 w/ 1:30 rest
    600m jog
    static stretch

    The time trial was done alone in lane 4 from a 4pt start (but no blocks). My fiance gave the starting signal and took the time. I’ve been looking forward to this for several days, had some trouble sleeping last night, and had to take my time on the warmup because my heart rate seemed too high.

    I’m psyched about the PR, especially considering I’ve done no speed endurance or special endurance yet, so I hope this bodes well for breaking 50 this summer. Not sure exactly about the splits, so I have no idea what my 200m time would be, but I think the ends-to-middle approach is working well.

    ExRower on #106114

    Mar. 5, 2011: Easy Day

    3.1mi run outside in 24:15
    5′ on elliptical
    static stretch

    Mar. 6, 2011: Mixed Accel/Plyos/Strength Day

    15′ warmup
    4x25m starts from 3pt and 4pt stance in trainers on indoor track
    3×10 tuck jumps
    3×10 bounding runs for distance
    3×10 lunge jumps

    power cleans: 5×95, 3x5x135, 5×155
    deadlifts: 6×225, 6×255, 6×265
    standing DB military press: 8x40s, 2x8x45s
    pullups, palms-in: 10xbw, 2×8 +35

    Doing a 4-week cycle for reps, so this is the “high rep” week. Held back a bit on cleans to use proper technique and they felt much more efficient than before. Might start incorporating some plyos one day a week.

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