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  • Mike Young
    Mike Young on #8295

    I am proud to say that this website has been expanding exponentially since it opened in June (see latest web stats at dev.cmshelplive.com/ellitetrack/stats.html ). Unfortunately, this increase in popularity and daily visitors has come at a price. In the last two months I have had to increase the bandwidth because the site exceeded its monthly capacity and was temporarily shut down. Browsing through this month’s stat sheet indicates that I’ll probably have to purchase another 5mb of bandwidth to accomodate the increased traffic.

    I had originally intended on keeping the site sales and ad free but the increasing costs of maintaining the site have lead me to reconsider this policy. In short, it’s becoming a little too much of an expense to take on myself. As a result, I began looking for funding options. I considered just asking for donations but I know people always look at web-donations as having to give money to get something they already get for free. Because of this, I’ve decided to sell t-shirts so that sales of the shirts can offset the cost of the site and people can get something in return for their ‘donation.’

    I’ve ordered some Elitetrack t-shirts and will be selling them at a reasonable price starting next week. The first batch will feature the logo you see below screen printed on an ash gray cotton t-shirt.

    ELITETRACK Founder

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